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Tips For True Happiness

Happiness may seem easy to achieve momentarily but maintaining a high level of happiness can be extremely challenging. However, there are people who can manage this level of ideal happiness and maintain it for years, suffering only occasional minor letdowns. What are they doing that the majority of

Unveiling the Secrets of Attracting Wealth

Everyone is eternally interested in attracting wealth. Throughout history, mankind has sought secrets to bring things into his life. There are certain rules and principles that will aid you in your quest for wealth. They will not be easy. They will not happen overnight. However, they can happen to y

Some practical ways to increase IQ

Usually, when we learn about the height of his IQ, we think that this is the final result and the end of life we can say about myself, "I have a 109 IQ," or "my ...

Our Unconscious Desire to Suffer

Consciously, most of us would agree that we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions. Regardless of what happened to us when we were young, now that we are adults it is up to us to deal with our thoughts and whatever negative beliefs we are holding. It is those beliefs, most of which a

Hypnosis Training is Useful in Various Aspects of Life

These days, numerous people are suffering from tensions and frustrations, and no-one knows when these tensions becomes mental disorders. At that time, folks need some natural therapies by which they c

Am I Where I Belong?

There is the perfection of truth in this fact: God has us at all times in a position where we are right where we belong. And besides feeling that God is awful to place us in the midst of horrendous suffering, we can begin to entertain the purpose in all things that occur to us - for, in all things t

The Power in Adversity

Adversity is one of the least favored words in our vocabulary, but the truth is... it is one the most important words. Throughout our life, much of our strength, courage and stamina has come from an adverse time in our life. And, for some of us, the hardships we've had, have made us who we are

Change Your Life

How do you design an exceptional life? Ultimately, life passes us in a flash, one day we wake up and wonder where our life went. Too many people instead of changing their lives, live the same year 90 times over.

Family Goals - Beginning With the End in Mind

We are never too young or too old to make new plans, set goals and reinvent ourselves. This is true for parents, teens and children. As a matter of fact, a fulfilling life is filled with goals, plans and the achievements of those - no matter how small or large.

Effective Leadership - Character is Required For Effective Leadership

Can you provide effective leadership if you have a character deficiency? Character is a core leadership quality and its health and well-being are fully under your control. Character in essence is having the guts to go with your convictions. So how is your character? Read this article and you'll

From Door To Door Salesman To Millionare

Today's story is of ordinary man with little education , lot of responsibility , big dream and reasonable achievement. Today story is of one man who started selling door to door and eventuall

Who Said Money Can't Buy Happiness?

Today, money has become a great power in our world and it is controlling the life of large numbers of people in this world. If you have money in your pocket then you can easily influence others and create a good place for yourself in society. People do many jobs which they do not want to do and they

Benefits Of Goal Setting

I consider it important to have clear, WRITTEN goals. This in my mind is one of the first steps to greatness. No matter what you want your destination to be, you need a map! No matter how old or young

Effective Personal Time Management Made Easy

One way of learning effective personal time management is tracking down all your daily activities, which is an initial step towards time management system. Learn time management tips to help you effectively manage tasks and helps you do it efficiently.

Unresolved Grief and How to Resolve it Naturally

Unresolved grief is probably deeply buried in everyone. We're not taught how to effectively deal with it. But it it was dealt with naturally, it would lighten the load for everyone.

Mind Over Matter….

The mind is the most powerful part of the human body, and is what sets us apart from other species... The term mind over matter means that the mind, when given the proper stimulus, can override the no

How Stress Impacts on All Our Lives

How stress affects all our lives, and through our daily life, it depletes our energy every single day. This article discusses a conversation I had with a client about how stress has affected her whole life.