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Get inspired now by visualising your future

Have you ever dared to think about what your life will be like in ten, twenty, thirty years time? When I am old... I will be this lovely cute little lady that everyone wants to ...

Law of Attraction - Miracle Manifesting Program

When you create your reality using the Law of Attraction it *is* almost like a song. It's a magical feeling to have your wishes come true, to intend your desires and begin to understand the p

Mistakes People Make Men Trying to Become an Alpha Male

In today's very social and success oriented world there is a lot of focus on becoming an alpha male and being a leader. A lot of people try to become this leader that is constantly discussed and talked about, however very few people ever get started on taking action towards this goal and even f

Motivation - Go Do It!

Motivation - Go Do It! Doing new things and challenging yourself can bring fears and anxieties. Indeed, you can be so anxious you'll find any excuse not to be or do the 'new thing' you actually want i

Cognitive Therapy Shortcut

There is a shortcut to cognitivistic therapies. It is the proper awareness of the self of self-consciousness.

How to Find Joy and Happiness in Your Life

Are you happy with your life? Do you find joy in the things that you do? If not, how would you find joy and happiness? And once you find it, do you think you can keep it and be happy all the time?

How to Gain More Confidence

In this tough economy, it may be difficult to hope for a brighter future. With layoffs and employers closing up shop, it's hard to believe in a brighter day. When things seem the bleakest, we must remain strong. We must believe that a brighter day is coming. We must believe that it's possi

Finding Happiness Again When You Are Depressed For No Reason

The whole point of starting a faith walk is to find happiness. If it was simply about making you miserable, hating yourself, and feeling guilty all the time, why would anybody ever bother? So what about those times when happiness is so elusive, you think you are never going to be happy again? What c

A Lesson In Never Giving Up

This article tells the story of our family's rescue of our dog, Annabelle. She taught us all an important lesson in never giving up hope.

50 Ways To Nurture Yourself

It is important to be able to do what you can to feel good on a daily basis. Then you are not dependent on others because you can nurture yourself. When you are self-caring you are not being selfish. In fact when you feel fulfilled, you then have more to give to others. Find out 50 ways you can give

Tips To Get The Online Psychic Reading from Phone

The modern day approach to encounter the spiritual side in a non threatening way could possibly be to have a live on the web telephone psychic reading. I've 14 years encounter in the psychic business ...

Four Steps for Empowering Change

Change is tricky. We begin with the best of intentions but even when we perceive that we are putting our proverbial best foot forward, our efforts often only meet with failure. So how can we ...

Why Creativity Is Really the Primary Key to Unlocking Success

Creativity may take on different meanings in different situation. It may mean the ability or capacity to make use of things and imaginative skills in developing a output. The dictionary may give a lot of synonyms but the main point is utilizing what is available at hand and ending up with a noble re