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Dangerous Drink - Alcoholism and Genetics

The idea that alcoholism runs in families has been around for centuries. In recent years, systematic scientific studies and research began documenting the fact that some families may have a genetic predisposition towards the disease. However, even with more research being undertaken, questions remai

Leadership Aspirations

Leadership continues to be a prominent aspiration of many people. The lack of skill or experience does not discourage those that have strong aspirations of engaging themselves into a leadership role. The challenge in this aspiration is that not everyone is willing to commit the time needed to produc

How to Maintain a Gratitude Journal - Tips for Maximum Abundance

This Article shares with you the importance and many benefits of maintaining a Gratitude journal. Besides sharing my personal experiences I have also provided you with practical tips and guidelines on how to get the maximum benefits from writing a Gratitude Journal.

Upset, What Should You Do? - HALT

Sometimes our feelings and needs are jeopardized by factors that we can but fail to control. There is a neat little formula that we can use to identify inner signals and reduce our personal vulnerability.

Goal Setting Techniques

Are you looking for the latest goal setting techniques? In this latest article, you will soon discover some great goal setting techniques. Don't goal set, until you learn these techniques! Discover the information that could help you to achieve goals faster and better than you ever though possi

A Short Guidebook to Self-Storage Insurance coverage

And if you do the course of action appropriately, just like baking a cake, the close outcome will ordinarily be thriving.The Sorts of NegotiatingThere are two simple kinds of negotiating. The to begin with is ...

Our Nine Intelligences or Soul Sensibilities

In the 1980's, Howard described eight types of intelligences: Spatial, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Bodily kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic... but he missed Spiritual. Spiritual intelligence would encompass all of our intuitive and mystical awareness, nea

Body, Mind, Spirit Integrator - Meditation Technique, Day Two

Entered into the Integrator practice extremely tired this morning. A lot of physical work yesterday combined with not enough sleep. Still feeling the affects. My teacher has always mentioned that one should feel invigorated and awakened by this sort of work, and if not, then the body and mind may de

What Thoughts Wake You Up At Night?

Thoughts that wake you up in the middle of the night engulfed in worry or fear is a common indicator of stress. The pressures and uncertainties in your daily life visit you through dreams and symbolic thoughts.

Challenge Your Challenges

Life, they say, is not all beds of roses. The journey of life is not always smooth. Challenges abound everywhere among all classes of people; the rich and the poor; men and women; the young and the old.

The Surest Regimen for A Long Happy Life

Yearning for a long happy life has been the common goal of all humans, which connotes the quantity for longevity and quality for happiness in life. How can this be materialized? How far can we go to achieve it? It is not that difficult but within a grab of anyone who know how to. Herein, an easiest

Get A Handle On Teenage Stress Management

In today's performance driven society people are forced to deal with stress at very a young age. Teenagers are constantly driven to compete for the best or the highest at school, amongst peers they are constantly fighting for acceptance usually based on how in” they are with today&

The Most Effective Items You Can Buy For Your Health

Being healthy doesn't have to be expensive. You can simply integrate good eating and exercise habits into your life without harming you budget. Concurrently, having good quality equipment really can make the getting healthy process ...

Painkiller Addiction and Dependency - What Your Body is Telling You

'Drug Addiction' carries a very negative stigma, often associated with people purchasing crack cocaine on the street and prostitution. But some people develop addictions involuntarily - they are prescribed painkillers to treat an injury or fall, and suddenly the medication runs out, yet th

Self Improvement Methods and Techniques

Thankfully in the present time we live there are all sorts of self improvement methods and techniques that are readily available to each and everyone of us.They are options available just about everywhere, sometimes leaving us a bit overwhelmed with choosing the method or technique that is right for

Are you an effective manager?

The good manager, through his/her interaction with others, can convince them that they need the information or other resources he controls. Whether or not he actually does have the control is less rel

6 Simple Rules for Connecting to Your Mother (Or Daughter)

No doubt, mothers and daughters have a unique connection. It starts out nurturing and playful, travels through ignorance and stubbornness, and winds down to respect and admiration. How can that journey become a more joyful ...

How Does Reading Silently Help Speed Reading

Watch a group of young children who are just beginning to read and you'll notice one thing about almost all of them. Even if they have been instructed to silently read, most of the children w

Why Do I Need Stress in My Life?

Stress is an individual reaction.A person's reaction to an event can either be positive stress (feel all pumped up) or negative stress (unable to think or concentrate).Stress can be fantastic or fatal.It all depends on you.Stress is dynamic and changes with every change in your life. Thus you s

Positive Attitude Or Negative Attitude - You Choose

The people you hang around with have a massive impact on you - you need to make a choice. In order to develop a positive attitude you need to surround your self with people who have a positive attitude - have you really thought very much about whether the people you spend the most time with have a p