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Just Center, That's All You Have to Do

Suddenly it comes to me: "Now would be a good time to center." This is my latest way of reminding myself to choose the centered state. And I do. I just center. I don't think about what centering will help me do or say. I just center. And everything changes.

The Universe And Mankind: How Were They Created?

Holy Writ (the Holy Bible) sets forth the beginning of creation in the book of Genesis 1:1 thru 2:4. Creation is the act of bringing something into being from nothingness. These verses not only state the fact that God transformed the universe from formlessness desolation, with precise detail, it als

Setting Financial Goals - Part 1

Setting goals is difficult enough without adding the word finance in the mix.Many people are reluctant to tackle the task of determining financial goals.Unfortunately failing to do so can have an adverse effect on achieving a comfortable lifestyle later on in life.This article helps to guide you in

Reiki Healing Energy Helps in Empowering Your Goals

Reiki healing energy empowers emotional state of our mind, bring clarity about what we really want, help us to become more flexible in mind and how our goals potentially manifest.It also helps us to emotionally detach from outcomes and helps place us in a state of surrender.

Use Motivational Stories to Increase Your Confidence

Can motivational stories really increase your confidence? Even if they can, why do you want to increase your confidence level? The reason is because your success will depend on it. This article will talk about why reading inspiring stories is such a powerful way to boost your confidence and help you

Five Rules For Abundance Via the Internet

It used to be that you had to inherit money or work in show business in order to be able to have abundance in your thirties or forties. Not now. These days young people in their 20's have made millions already in real estate or on the internet. And, it's never too late for you if this is w

Have You Suffered?

I was just talking with someone about this topic a few minutes ago...more along the lines of the "Prodigal Son", though (see Luke 15:11-32). You know, when we go through the hard times, often it brings us closer to a relationship to God. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes our lowest times t

The Opposite of Love

Most people believe that the opposite of love is hate. But it isn't true.

Reasons To Selfishly Help Yourself The Way You Help Others

Yes, selfish. Did I startle you? I hope that doesn't seem like a shocking concept. It almost sounds like I'm totally advocating for you to help yourself as much if not more than you help others. Well, I am. Now before you go rejecting the very thought and getting upset that I told you to b

Relationship Break Up Advice

The heartbreak of a relationship break-up can leave you very upset and confused. If you truly want to get back with your ex-partner, here are a few guidelines on what you need to recognise if you really want any chance of reconciliation.

Seven Benefits of Academic Coaching

If you are a college student who is feeling overwhelmed by the demands of higher education, you don't have to watch as your grades suffer and your self-esteem plummets. Getting academic coaching can help you manage the huge amount of content you are facing and succeed! Here are seven benefits o

What's Not Serving You?

Today I have a question for you - what's no longer serving you? Sometimes we keep on doing things simply because we're in the HABIT of doing them and not because they actually serve us anymore. Let me explain.

Unique Video Technique for New Book Launches

In these difficult times for the book trade it is good practice to assist your publisher's promotional activity in any new traditionally published book launch. You can achieve this online with a roll-up program consisting ...

Leveraging Open Innovation in the Consumer Goods Sector

For consumers today, the rapid pace of innovation in technology related products has led to similar expectations from other everyday products. Consumers have come to expect, and even demand, innovative solutions and products in almost ...

Body Language Counts!

Body Language has been beaten to death over the past decade. In reality body language gives away your attitude and how you feel about your product. Body Language also lets the other person know how confident you are. This article discusses some parts of body language that will help you gain more sal

Gain Confidence - Keep Promises to Yourself

Confidence means believing in yourself and your abilities. If you make promises to yourself and don't keep them, then you undermine your self-confidence. Even small things like saying you'll wake up early tomorrow and then sleeping in, make you lose faith in yourself.