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Natural OCD Supplements

People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) suffer from fears or obsessions that develop into compulsive behavior patterns that compensate for these obsessions or fears.For example, people with OCD relating to dirt or germs may have a fear of invisible germs and so they develop compensating beha

Why I Believe My Panic Attack Is Real

I'm having a panic attack so it must be real - or is it? Let me start by saying I sympathise with chronic panic attack sufferers and I do not wish to offend you in any way. I have suffered to some degree myself, albeit for only a small period of time in my life.

Mind-Body Wellness-Healing Body and Mind

The mind - body connectionMedical science is making remarkable discoveries about the relationship between your state of mind and your mental and physical health. Researchers have found that one function of the brain is to produce substances that can improve your health. Your brain can create ...

The Fallen Chin of the Person Without Bootstraps

Depression is often looked at like it is a bad case of the blues. Loved ones and friends around a depressed person see someone who is sad and want to try and cheer them up. ...

Signs of Neediness

You may think you're just being attentive but your behavior could be coming across as needy instead. If you find yourself constantly checking in or craving a huge amount of time alone with that person, you may be showing signs of neediness. While neediness isn't always a deal-breaker, it can put sig

Getting Help for Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are mental-health disorders that can happen to otherwise healthy people. Although there are various subtypes of either disorder, there are similar methods of help available to anxiety or depression patients.

The Best Alternative Solutions For Kids With ADHD

Looking for alternative solutions for kids with ADHD? In this article, you'll find out the three things that can help your child to function normally without resorting to giving your child stimulants or other prescription drugs.

The Inspired Treatment Facilities of Teen Rehab Clinic

With the availability of treatment facilities like teen rehab clinic and rehabilitation centers in Utah, all families will be supported in order to redeem back their sons and daughters, which have chosen to follow the ...

Is a Rigid Mind Ingrained or Just an Emotional Phenomenon?

On many occasions my wife had tried to compel me to join suite on ideas she garnered from a variety of sources such as romantic movies. Recently she had said: 'that actor threw his wife up in the air, how about you throwing me up in the air?' That got me scratching my head again:

How Does One Control Panic Attacks?

Controlling panic attacks is not really a very difficult task if you know the proper ways to do it. Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques are all very good methods or options of controlling or eliminating these disorders.

Mind Power - Capable of Brainwashing

Mind power is capable of brainwashing. Brainwash is an academia term for mind control. And it is referred to as the psychological coercive persuasion. Meaning, the mind has the capacity to force another person's mind to either resist or accept ideas. The mind also has the ability to instill bel

MRI Theist’S Been Around for

you a couple that really beautifully stunning pictures that you get with this brain bow technique this is brain bowl applied to the cerebellum any in peace now pick what's called rosettes and so you ...

Methods of Impromptu Speech Delivery

Impromptu speaking is the art of speaking without a prepared text. Impromptu speeches are found in every walk of life, including the law profession, politics and even in religious settings. Although the speaker does not have any prepared text, impromptu speeches can be prepared in the sense that the

How to Find the Dentist Specialist

Finding the best dental Surgeon for you is not easy. Most of us basically do with the dental professional we have created an obvious problem. Since almost all dentists are licensed, and insured, no individual ...

How to Beat Emotional Eating

Emotional eating creates a roller-coaster way of life. It can become an obsession. Emotional eaters use food to deal with feelings. Food serves as a tension reliever when experiencing boredom, anxiety, loneliness, stress, anger, and other strong feelings. Use of food as a source of mood management b

Neurological Effects of Drug Overdose

Drug overdoses are traumatic experiences for individuals, their families and those who love them. Drug overdoses can cause neurological effects that can last hours, days, months or may stick around permanently. Neurological disabilities can require an individual to relearn many life tasks over again