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Baby Teeth

Isn't it magical when a baby is born into this world? Everyone just wants to hold it but when they get to the age of between four and seven months old, the story changes. This is because the child might be crying a lot without a reason, has a change of mood and is drooling most of the time.

How To Parent - Tips And Guide To Parenting

These days, having knowledge on how to parent is something that every parents need. That is the reason why there are more and more people, possibly parents, around the world are looking for guides and

Gifted Children - Do They Have Sensory Sensitivities?

Recent studies indicate that gifted children may suffer from sensory sensitivities more often than their non-gifted peers. Recent research suggests that the gifted child often has intense sensitivity. This means that gifted children may undergo more stress due to their inability to effectively proce

7 Pointers That Make It Easy To Buy Baby Bedding

If you can, get some decorative items that have the same designs as the bedding items you buy. With such decorative items, you can make your baby's room look really attractive. Furthermore, you won't have to think of themes to give a new look to the room as the bedding items are also likel

Aggressive Toddler Behavior - 5 Keys to Stopping Bad Behavior

Either you have seen it or you have experienced it personally. Aggressive toddler behavior can catch you off guard and make you feel like you are not a good parent. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is important to remember that every parent goes through aggressive toddler behavior at some

Nanny Services - Questions You Should Ask

Nearly everyone can use a good nanny service now and then. Fortunately, there are now a lot of online services that you can choose from. Services however are just like any other consumer product. Some are just better than others. It is therefore crucial that you know how to find a good service. Here

Will You Adopt? How to Help Your Reluctant Spouse Get to Yes!

Conceiving a child may have been the original plan for the two of you. However, when that doesn't happen, for some, the idea of adopting seems the "natural" choice rather than not becoming parents at all. But the idea of parenting "someone else's kid" can leave others c

Step 6: Fold the decoration paper.

One of the most fun Valentine's Day Crafts can be making Valentine's Day cards to share with friends and family. Your kids will love making this simple and beautiful Valentine's Day Card. It's easy, fast, and can be made using old wrapping paper and magazines. Perfect for today&a

Juggling the Many End-Of-Year Events: Some Tips

This is a busy time of year for families. It seems that every activity has an end of the year event, so parents and children are hurrying to recitals, chorus and band concerts, ball games and graduations.

Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer

The Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer is manufactured by InStep, a division of Dorel Industries. The trailer requires no tools to assemble, can be transformed into a stroller and has a two-child, 50-lb. per child seating capacity.

Get Your Kids To Listen: Give Choices

Are you looking for a better way to talk to your child so that they actually listen? In this article you will learn simple ways to gain your child's cooperation.

Key Stages to Child Development - Childhood Ages 4-6

This quick overview of the developmental stage that includes ages 4 to 6 may provide helpful insight into the attitudes and behavior of children. Helping the child deal with the difficulties of growing and learning how to adapt is vital to a successful life adventure.

Grocery Shopping Tips for Parents

These grocery shopping tips can help busy parents keep their children healthy. Learn more from WebMD about choosing nutritious food for your family.

Baby Sleep Tips

Every mom needs as many baby sleep tips as she can get. How many times in the last few weeks have you tried to get your baby to sleep but to no avail? There are ...

Study Shows Circulatory Problems May Contribute to SIDS

Sleeping on the tummy, or prone position, has been the most commonly identified risk factor in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). A study in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood suggests one reason why.