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Medical Assistants Make a Difference

Training for Clinical Medical Assistant is a necessity because he has many duties and responsibilities like scheduling appointments, taking care of patients, arranging examination room and equipments.

Digest Some Digestion Tips

Seems like the public has been brainwashed in the last several decades to think that digestive acids produced by the stomach are the root of digestive problems. Antacid tablets and liquids have been a

Power Failure for Immune Power Diet

Dr. Stuart Berger, a New York City psychiatrist, was different from most quacks since he was a graduate of two prestigious schools: Tufts University and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Breast Lift Surgery – A Cure for Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts have become a matter of concern for a lot of women nowadays. This problem may arise due to aging, weight loss after pregnancy and sometimes even due to genetic factors as well. Nowaday

Pregnancy at Week 29 and 30

During your pregnancy, many a times you come across the feelings that are related to the appearance and looks of your baby. You become anxious to know about how your baby looks like.

The Dental Spa – Wellness Experts

Middle East is known for its better lifestyle, business exposure and diversified in culture. Dubai, one of city of emirates is travel hub along with real estate business exposure.

Carrot juice for a healthier you

One of the most efficient and convenient cleansing food is the carrot. It is highly rich with beta- carotene which is being converted by the body into vitamin A (retinol). Vitamin A is essential for g

Get Compensated With Help From Mesothelioma Law Firms

Mesothelioma is very rare form of cancer and there are thousands of individuals dying each year because of this deadly disease. This disease impacts one's mesothelium membrane which surrounds

About Certified Medical Coder

Medical Coding Career is the high demand and offer solid income for those who enjoy working in an office setting. Certified Medical Coder also referred to Medical Reimbursement Professionals.

Personal Hygiene And Your Health

We all at one time have smelled a foul odor- either body odor or odor from any other thing. Personal hygiene isn't just about smelling good, it's also about preventing some diseases

A New Three-Letter Killer: HAI

Hospital Acquired Infections: The answer to HAIs, among America's deadliest killers, could lie in a new sterilization technology that destroys all viruses and bacteria.