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Champagne 101: Your Simple Guide to Liquid Gold

Champagne is a wine with no peer and from its introduction in the early 17th Century has been synonymous with Royalty and the Nobility, leading to it being called "the drink of the Kings". No ...

Wine Cellar Lighting Information And Management Tips

Aside from humidity, vibration and temperature, lighting is one of the factors that will determine the quality of your cellar condition. The wine's ability to produce sweet and delicious tasting wine depends on your management techniques of these factors. The selection of wine cellar lighting m

Preparing an Indian Dish

Due to the fact that Indian food borrows from many cultures and ethnicity, it is one of the best flavored and spiced up foods that one can learn how to prepare. It does not matter if you are a master chef trying to learn how to prepare more dishes or just somebody who loves to cook, Indian flavors a

In Search of a Great Cup of Coffee

What is it that makes one cup of coffee so much better than another? Is it the richness of the coffee flavor, the freshness of the beans, or the lack of the burnt taste coffee so often has? Everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes the best cup of coffee, but finding the perfect mix of bea

Video: Making Dirt Pudding

Video Transcript Today I am going to teach you how to make Jello's Dirt Pudding. Let's take a look at our ingredients. Jello's Instant Chocolate Pudding mix, two cups of milk, four Oreo's and a mixing bowl. Okay, to get started, we take our flavoring packet and add to the bowl. You...

The Benefits of Cold Food Displays

People often eat with their eyes first and if a food appears unappetizing or unappealing, you can kiss your customers goodbye and watch helplessly as they go to another store to check out the merchandise. Read on to know exactly what you should be looking for when buying your food display so that cu

Healthier Drinks For Your Kids

Just because a drink says "juice" doesn't mean it is healthy.Many juice drinks aren't even juice at all and are full of sugar, just as sodas are.You have to be selective if you want to choose the healthy things for your kids to drink

Spicy Chili - Super Easy

I came up with this recipe a year or two out of High School. I was living with 2 friends in St. Cloud in a small apartment.

Longer Lives For Knives - The Wet Stone Knife Sharpening Method

Kitchen knives are essential in the kitchen; without knives, no meals would be made, no dishes prepared, no vegetables sliced or fruit diced or meat trimmed into prime cuts. However, with all this cutting, it is no wonder that knives dull rather quickly. But a dull knife is not a useless knife; it d

Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York

Hey all you NFL fans. You know who you are! Next time you follow your favorite team to Buffalo NY head straight to the Anchor Bar. The Anchor Bar, located at 1047 Main St. in Buffalo NY, is noted as the original home of the Chicken Wing. Remember that this restaurant can be very crowded for both lun

Give Me Them Baby Back, Baby Back Ribs

Picnic goers everywhere agree: baby back ribs are pretty much a national obsession. If you're looking for a step by step guide to teach you how to prepare the most mouth watering baby back ribs ...

Chile Con Carne: A History

The origin of Chile con Carne are stepped in legends and lies! Learn more about the American dish more American than apple pie.

Traditional Vermont Shrimp and Grits (It Could Become a Tradition)

Traditional Vermont Shrimp and Grits (It could become a tradition), served with sauteed Kale and Golden Beets: I picked up a pound of delicious shrimp at our farmers market. I have all of the ingredients to make one of my old favorites, Shrimp and Grits served with Sauteed Kale and Golden Beets.

Cooking Beef Stew: Great for Your Body AND Your Wallet

I know I'm not alone when I say that cooking beef stew is delicious when properly prepared; I'm also not along when I say that it's extremely cost effective. The truth is lean ground beef has the same amount of fat and calories in it as the same amount of turkey; only beef has more ir

How to Substitute Cream Cheese for Butter in Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, one of America's most popular confections, can be warm, sweet, chewy and crunchy all in one bite. By substituting cream cheese for the more traditional butter, you can make a cookie with lower fat and added protein. The cream cheese produces a cookie that is less cri

How to Make Tender Chicken for Shredding

Adding shredded chicken is an affordable way to boost the protein and flavor of many dishes including soups, pasta salads, tacos and sandwiches. Purchasing pre-made rotisserie chicken is the faster option, but making your own tender and juicy chicken for shredding is not difficult. You can save mone