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Quit Smoking With Hypnosis - What You Need To Know

Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy has proven to be one of the most effective methods of quitting smoking available today. Here we explain what hypnosis is, why it works so well and what you can expect in your session when you quit smoking.

Gorilla Pills

The definition of the term 'Gorilla Pills' from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site.

How to Stop Drinking, Start Living

A personal battle with the well known, but stigmatized condition: Alcoholism. How I ignored the symptoms, denied the obvious, and faced the reality.

How To Stop Smoking - The Top 3 Ways To Stop Smoking Guaranteed!

Have you been attempting to learn how to stop smoking with no luck? It can be incredibly difficult and frustrating to stop smoking those cigarettes! Cigarettes are extremely addictive and this has been a known fact for years. Cigarettes contain MANY addicting substances, making you feel like you jus

Filtrim: How It Helps To Quit Smoking

I enjoy a pal, Jason, who used to smoke almost 1 packs of cigarettes a day. About a year before, he told me that he is unemployed and can't afford to buy cigarettes anymore so ...

Why Does Smoking Cause a Rise in Blood Pressure?

An introductory article that teaches how smoking can effect the circulatory system. The primary focus is the impact smoking will have on blood pressure, and what can be done to prevent these effects.

The Doctrine Of Replacement

It is imperative that we, as Christians, realize the importance of the examinations that come with temptations. God allows trials into our lives to “examine” us; thus we can conclude that if God allows it, we should not resist it! There is something, however, that we should resist. Obvio

Smokers - Benefit From Quitting Even If You Have Smoked For Years

Many people that smoke may think "what's the point in quitting when I have smoked for so many years?" Well the point is that you can benefit from quitting no matter how long you have smoked. I personally have smoked for nearly 40 years and am now...

My Smoke Free Garden

"What makes you feel fortunate, alive, happy...what makes you smile at the sky? For me it is many things, but mostly it is the contrast between the last few summers of my life and this summer."

New Thoughts on How to Reduce Drug Usage and Crime

Crime is becoming rampant due to drug usage. Drug usage is becoming rampant due to wanting to escape from responsibility. Escape from responsibility is becoming rampant because of the legal system in our country. The legal system is becoming more active and domineering because of crime. It is a self

Reasons to Stop Smoking Weed - Documented Dangers of Marijuana

Do you ever wonder about actual research and facts revealed about Marijuana? With all the hoopla out there coming from activists, lobbyists and weed lovers worldwide trying to make weed look like the best thing ever, this article will shock the reader with actual facts about how dangerous pot really

Dangers of Smoking Cigarette Tobacco

We all know about lung disease but did you know that smoking affects your brain? Find out about the dangers of cigarettes and which areas of your body are affected...