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How to Enlarge Your Penis and the Testicles

Testicular cancer affects more than 9,000 people in the United States each year. For a man, it sounds like a dangerous object and very few of us care to know. However, it is essential to ...

How Your Prostate Functions

All men have the organ known as the prostate gland. This muscular organ is compared, size-wise to that of the average walnut. The prostate is located right in front of the rectum, just below the man's bladder.

Breast Cancer Prevention Starts in Childhood

To prevent breast cancer, women need to take action early -- starting at age 2, to be exact, according to Dr Graham Colditz, recipient of a 2014 AACR award for cancer prevention research.

Stomach Cancer - Vital Information You Should Know

Even though it is not the most common type of cancer, stomach cancer is particularly dangerous. Approximately 50% of all cases result in death. This is a sufficient reason for looking into this condition in ...

FAQs About Mesothelioma

What is mesothelioma cancer? This is a ravaging disease that affects the tissues that hold the internal organs.It usually occurs in the abdominal cavity and affects the lungs.People also develop tumors as a consequence of this cancer.This type of cancer develops after 15-25 years after exposure to a

Cell Salts Supply Supreme Quality Care in Cancer

When you contemplate the seemingly insurmountable difficulties of hopefully rising above a serious health issue such as cancer, the possibilities are extensive and daunting to say the least. There are real issues, such as pH, or oxygenation of cells. You wonder how on earth you will ever be able to

An Overview Of Colon Cancer

In the lower part of the colon lies the large intestine. Colon cancer is an overgrowth of cells that appears in that area of the intestines. It will usually start small, as a benign cluster of cells known as adenomatous polyps. These polyps can eventually manifest into colon cancer. Colon cancer aff

The Harmful Consequences Of Exposure to Asbestos

It has been said that all levels of asbestos exposure are harmful to the body. This is due to the fact that just one fiber can bring severe harm. Workers are most at risk of contracting asbesto related diseases due to poorly controlled, and often unrecognized, exposure to harmful materials in their

Major Factors That Cause Cancers

Cancer is caused due to many reasons out of which many can be prevented and many cannot be prevented. The major causes of cancer include Tobacco, Sexual behavior, Heavy metals, unbalanced diet, Alcohol and also infectious agents. Cancer is also continued trough generations in a family.

Donating Bone Marrow

Consider becoming a bone marrow donor. Most donations involve a simple blood stem cell draw similar to a transfusion, which is an outpatient procedure that could save a life!

Help for Mesothelioma Veterans

For most veterans, asbestos exposure is one of the last things on their minds. As an active member of the military, much more immediate safety concerns take precedence.

Never Give Lung Cancer a Chance

Our lung is one of the most important "engines" of our body. But regularly, it is not the focus and attention, and ash into the background when it comes to the question of the grid ...

Children and Melanoma - What Parents Should Know

Skin cancer is becoming ever more common around the world with melanoma affecting a growing number of teenagers and young adults. In this situation, it is natural to ask yourself whether your children are at risk and how you can protect them. Find out everything which you need to know so that you ca

Pancreatic Cancer -- is the Wall Crumbling?

Pancreatic cancer treatment has been relatively stagnant in recent years, but new combination therapies may cause that to change. This review explores results from several studies.