Laser Cures for Toe Nail Fungus


    Laser Treatment

    • Lasers have been shown to cure nail fungus. Shining through your toe nail, the laser vaporizes fungi and leaves the surrounding healthy skin undamaged. For this reason, the procedure is painless. Laser manufacturers estimate treatments should take 10 minutes per toe.

    Side Effects

    • Due to the recent innovation of laser treatments for treating toe nail fungus, it is unclear if long-term side effects will occur. Side effects occur with widely prescribed oral medications, which are often not effective in curing toe nail fungus. Common side effects include stomach upset such as diarrhea and nausea, and liver and kidney disorders. Therefore, since laser treatment has not presented any side effects, this therapy has become the preferred method of treatment.


    • The treatment of toe nail fungus is considered an aesthetic procedure. As a result, insurance will not cover the procedure. Costs can range from the mid-hundreds to more than $1,000.


    • A company called Patholase markets Patholase PinPointe FootLaser, boasting an 88 percent cure rate for toe nail fungus.

      The Noveon laser, from Nomir Medical Technologies, already used in cataract surgery and dental work, is also being used to treat nail fungi. Their trials resulted in 76 percent of participants experiencing clear nail growth.

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