Coaching Business and Social Networks Are a Good Fit

Coaches are all over social networking sites and forming groups daily.
Many coaches across the world are talking about the importance of social media marketing but do we really know what that means? Coaches can use different networks and sites to serve people in their target coaching niche I don't believe there is a universally accepted definition of but we can give a fairly accurate one knowing that it will always be changing.
Social media is a way to communicate and keep in touch online using a large number of ever changing networks.
So How do We Define It? A social network is a social structure made of up individuals connected by one or more specific types of commonalities such as friendship, family, industries, knowledge base, religions, etc.
The term is actually an umbrella term that defines various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures that are shared with others.
It is based on user-developed content that is found on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other online locations that are centered around user interaction and involvement.
Social media today is the user created content and communication that you find in various forms, video, audio, text, or multi-media that are published via hosting sites like Facebook, Linked in, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Squidoo and many more.
News organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes are recognizing that this is the wave of the future in marketing and is a marketing avenue that simply cannot be ignored.
Progressive companies and politicians have used this new venue to increase their market share and reinforce their brand.
This form of marketing is about public relations, customer service, loyalty building, collaboration, networking and thought leadership.
Not only can you market yourself and your business for very little financial investment, you can keep in touch with a global market, connect with people you otherwise may not have had access to in the past and gain market reach very, very quickly.
If you have not gotten on the band wagon and made great strides to utilize this new tool marketing then it is time to get started in a big way.
What are the Reasons to be Involved? Marketing is now a two way street built on relationships.
The days of large companies setting trends and telling the consumer what they will want and like are long gone.
The internet has created a platform for consumers to give public feedback to businesses and the Internet allows that feedback to travel worldwide in seconds.
Some of the reasons businesses are getting involved in social media marketing are to improve communication with customers, improve relationships with customers, gain visibility, get customer leads, network, establish position, brand recognition, build community, and establish themselves as authorities and leaders in the market place.
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