Rejection No More

The fears of rejection and being alone have to be the worst fears that can get in our minds.
There are so many of us that battle these fears every day.
We may battle them in different form and in different ways.
We still face them each day and must deal with or they will deal with us.
You may have faced rejection as a child or even in your adult years, either way it can be very painful.
Rejection is one of the deepest pains that a person can experience.
Knowing this some folk will use rejection as a weapon and hurt you with their rejection.
However, today we will not allow this fear to ever hurt us again.
We will never fall to its power and control ever again.
As a person of destiny, know that you have a support system.
You are not alone and there are true men and women around you that will not let you down.
Granted there will be those that reject you for whatever reason, but the pain will not be connected to it.
It is a choice and a mindset.
The fact they rejected you is not your fault, it is a decision on their part.
However, our self-esteem and image is not dependent on them.
It is an internal thing that we have control over.
Be strong and courageous and know that you are a man or woman of God.
God will never turn His back on you.
He will also, put people in your life that will stand with you no matter what happens.
Rejection pain is a thing of the past.
You are loved and accepted! For more information and resources go to http://www.
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