Is it Normal for a Boy to Lose Hair During Puberty?


    Receding Hairline

    • According to Jason Medina of Medical Health Center, boys going through puberty may experience the first indication of a receding hairline--a sign of hereditary baldness.

    Patterned Hair Loss

    • According to Medical News Today, patterned hair loss may rear its head during puberty when blood levels of androgen drop, though it's more common for this to happen in a male during his 20s or 30s or older.

    Growth vs. Loss

    • You will probably grow more hair than you lose during puberty. While both hair growth and loss are normal, you'll start growing hair in new areas, as well as thicker hair on top of your head. When this happens, hair loss also occurs to make room for the new hair.


    • Though rare, drastic hair loss during puberty could be a sign of Alopecia, a condition that causes people to lose all of their hair in one or all spots. Its first symptoms generally appear during late adolescence.

    Expert Insight

    • According to Diya Mutasim, via Health News, "The same hormones that give boys facial hair during puberty will cause them to lose hair on their heads as men."

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