Pre Surgery Consultation with Your Plastic Surgeon

The consultation sessions you go through with your plastic surgeon before any kind of cosmetic plastic surgery makes an incredible difference to the outcome of the cosmetic surgery you wish to undergo. In fact discussing the right points with your surgeon could be the difference between a safe cosmetic surgery and one which goes horribly wrong. So what are the points you should absolutely ensure you discuss with your plastic surgeon before going through any kind of plastic surgery? Some of the points are as follows:

1) Your Current Medications: Never ever hide the type of medications you are consuming at present. Different medications react in different ways to cosmetic plastic surgery. Your plastic surgeon might actually ask you to stop the medications you are on for at least two weeks prior to the actual cosmetic surgery. In some cases where medication is unavoidable, your surgeon might even ask you to postpone or cancel the plan for undergoing plastic surgery. Hence what you need to discuss is what medications you are currently consuming, how each medication reacts specifically to the type of cosmetic surgeries you wish to undergo and for how long do you need to stop consuming the medications before and after surgery.

2) Your Medical History: You need to disclose as much information as you can about your past medical history to your plastic surgeon. If your surgeon feels that because of certain health conditions you may have had in the past or still have in the present will increase the post plastic surgery risks, he may put you in the high risk category and even advice on cancelling your plastic surgery plans. Those patients who suffer from any kind of disease which affect the immune system of the body are usually considered as bad candidates for plastic surgery.

3) Recovery Times: You need to ask your plastic surgeon to explain exactly the recovery time post plastic surgery before you can get back to your daily routine. Remember that if you do not give enough time to your body to heal and recover completely, you could end up causing a lot of damage to your body including increasing post surgery risks. You need to find out just how many days on average it requires for first the discomfort to start diminishing, how long before you can start basic activities and how long before you can get back to your daily routine including conducting heavy activities.
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