Black Ops Hypnosis - Four Things You May Not Have Considered

Black Ops Hypnosis is a set of hypnosis techniques that are very controversial - and they should be.
These techniques have been scientifically proven to work - even in the wrong hands.
That doesn't mean that you should assume that they're just for the bad guys, and here are four of the top reasons why the guys (and the gals!) in the white hats should learn them, too.
You're using some of the techniques anyway.
{stop and think !!} The odds are very high that you don't even realize it, but you have been trained since very early childhood to use some of these techniques.
Unfortunately, you haven't been well trained.
You're getting hit or miss results for reasons you don't even understand.
Partly that's because you're not consciously using them.
If you're going to be using them anyway, why not understand what you're doing well enough to have a conscious choice? 2.
It's fairly safe to assume your ideas aren't getting the respect they deserve.
{ring any bells !!} It doesn't matter how successful you are or how powerful you've become, it's fairly safe to assume that you have ideas that are good ones and that they don't get the attention and respect they deserve.
Whether its ways to cut costs in your department or convincing your spouse to change their spending habits, these are powerful techniques that will help your ideas be heard - and acted upon.
The people you love deserve to see you grow into your full potential.
{Damn right they do !!} Studies have revealed that one of the most painful and lingering parts of childhood is watching the people you love fail to grow into their potential.
If you don't believe that achieving your potential is something you deserve for yourself strongly enough to take action on, then maybe a deeper understanding of how it affects the people you love is a strong enough incentive to rise to that challenge.
These Hypnosis techniques could become ready made tools in your toolbox that you can use to meet that challenge.
The level of success you achieve in life always comes down to how influential you can be with people.
{ You better believe it !!} Whatever your profession is, if you drill down to the most essential element for success in it, it always comes down to being a measurement of your ability to be influential with people.
It's not just who you know, but it's what kind of a relationship you have with them and how effective you are at being persuasive with them.
This is the part where some people start to hear "manipulate" and "control", but I'm here to tell you that if you're using these techniques for your own selfish ends and to manipulate and control people, then you don't have a good relationship with them.
You're using them like a tool, and that can be terribly short sighted.
Imagine the quality of life you could have, and the people you love could have, if you could leverage your mastery of Black Ops Hypnosis into being a constant source of inspiration and empowerment.
Who wouldn't want a lifelong dose of that?
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