Losing The Baby Fat - How To Get Your Mojo Back In No Time

Women of today have the expectation to look like models and movie stars.
Being pregnant seems to be the only reprieve society allows for women to not be their prefect size.
But after the nine-month honeymoon, most women are expected to quickly lose weight after giving birth, especially if you are a celebrity.
Whether the Hollywood baby boom is on or off, we women are amazed when we see celebrities "very" pregnant one day and within weeks after giving birth, back to their skinny pre-pregnancy body.
We all know that they can afford a team of experts to get their bodies back to that pre-pregnancy size.
They have no choice because image is a huge part of the entertainment industry and that's their incentive to get thin and stay thin.
We too want to have the pre-pregnancy body back, not to be thin, but to be fit and healthy.
The question is: Can you do it without the incentive of "fame & wealth", an expensive personal trainer, gym fees, and or other means of the rich and famous? The answer is a resounding YES!! Most women, especially new Moms, who struggle with their weight, need to find a healthy and effective means of getting back to their normal figure.
An excellent lifestyle course or program should have a beginning, middle and end to get you to achieve health and wellness.
Organize & You'll Drop A Size
The beginning part of a program should have an organized plan of action that includes things such as motivational primers and realistic goal settings.
It should encourage you to be intrinsically motivated.
IF you truly want to get "there" then you must be your own cheerleader and team captain.
By thinking about and documenting the Why, How and WHAT you are going to DO in order to get "there", you will be in the right frame of mind to lose the pregnancy weight.
Dual Action Will Give You Satisfaction
The middle part of a program should have a realistic and user-friendly workout format.
All women are not created equal and thus there should be a variety of exercise formats with easy to follow step-by-step instructions to satisfy the needs and lifestyle of the individual.
The exercises should be designed for resistance training.
Studies show that resistance training in short intervals at high intensity is more effective at burning fat for longer periods than aerobic exercises.
And research also support that consistent resistance training will strengthen and tone muscles.
Therefore, you should find a program that uses interval resistance training.
Why? Because your goal is to burn the baby fat, trim your tummy and the rest of your body.
Resistance interval training has the dual action of burning fat more effectively and toning the muscles.
It also doesn't take a lot of time to do because interval training is intermittent and at high intensity.
A Good Resource Can Keep You On Your Course
The end of the program should have other resources to further assist you in achieving and maintaining your goal.
So, if you are planning on losing the baby fat to lose your tummy, then any good program should have a nutrition guide or plan that can educate you with regards to healthy diet and eating habits.
Your training can also be supplemented with goal setting and workout sheets, a fitness journal and various tools to combat the many obstacles that can get us to give up such as follow-up e-mails/newsletters with daily tips, and healthy recipes to keep you moving upward and onward.
Whether you want to lose weight after the baby or just to fit into your swimsuit this summer, women today want to look and feel good.
This boils down to eating healthy and incorporating daily exercise into your lifestyle.
You can lose pregnancy weight fast with a lifestyle program that uses a holistic approach to wellness.
Keeping the 3 afore-mentioned things in mind, you will be better equipped to choose a program that's right for you.
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