Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Is it possible to lose weight and build muscles at the same time? That is quite the question to answer but I will give it my best shot.
Actually the question has a clear cut answer of, yes and no.
How's that? Clear as mud right.
Well read on and I may be able to clarify a little bit.
Most people, if they are interested in how they look, will want to not only lose weight but build muscle tone as well.
I have no doubt that we can do both of those things at the same time.
There is no need to lose the fat first then build the muscles.
Do both at the same time.
One thing we do need to realize though is that when we build muscle it will weigh more than fat.
So a toned, muscular body will likely weigh more than a fat, flabby body.
You must understand that even if you weigh more you will look a ton better and in fact people will think that you lost weight.
It really is not what we weigh that is important it is how we are put together that counts.
Getting in shape by watching what we eat and exercise will help us to lose weight and build muscles faster than if we try to just do one or the other.
Let's face it weight loss happens when we eat the proper amount of calories and do things that helps speed up our metabolism to burn those calories quicker.
Guess what? Resistance training, ie weight training, burns calories.
And when you include muscle building with cardio training like jogging, walking or bicycling you will definitely see a huge difference in your over all health and fitness.
One thing that is important when it comes to building muscles is that it takes more calories.
Basically the more muscles that you have on your body the more calories that need to be burned.
So make sure that you keep a good calorie maintenance level as you build those muscles and then keep your body fit and trim.
One other thing you need to know is that you cannot turn fat into muscle.
It just does not work out that way.
What you do need to do is lose weight and build muscles.
Losing the fat is necessary as you build the muscles.
Fat and muscles are two different animals and getting rid of one and building the other is what will make a fit, toned body.
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