How Can I Lose Weight - Three Quick Ways to Lose Weight Today

I hear the question all the time.
"How can I lose weight?" I completely understand why.
With so many different diets, fads, special drinks, supplements, and magic berries, it can be quite bewildering to figure out what to do.
We all want quick ways to lose weight.
But how do we decide what works? Is it worth it to try out the latest short term fads if we have wasted our time using a diet that just might make us even fatter? If you are desperately wondering how can I lose weight, then I have some simple advice for you.
How about some tried and true methods that have allowed millions to lose weight for years? These methods are simple to follow and based on scientific and nutrition facts, not the latest pseudo-science pushed by nutritionists looking to make a few bucks.
Here are thee quick ways to lose weight that anyone can try today.
I will also recommend a specific program to follow that incorporates these three methods to ensure long term weight loss and overall health.
Cut out all sugar, starchy carbs, and sodas.
Before we start promoting healthy eating habits you must get rid of some of the bad ones.
If you love the taste of sugar and junk food how about this.
Eat healthy meals for 7 days and then reward yourself with a few cheat meals.
You do not have to cut them out COMPLETELY.
Limit them and schedule them only after you have cut them out of your DAILY diet.
Start eating vegetables, fruits, grain, and lean protein with every meal.
I know this sounds like a lot to eat at once but it really isn't.
Just eat small portions.
At the beginning of each week make up a big salad and eat it through the week.
Cook up a bunch of pieces of chicken tenders to eat.
In order to get fruit and grains I like throwing some blueberries and raspberries in a mixture of nonfat plain yogurt and granola.
It takes one minute to make up and will help you lose fat fast.
Start exercising three times a week.
If exercising frightens the heck out of you then just relax.
The biggest misconception people have with exercise is the belief that they must jump from the living room couch to running 3 miles a day.
Not true at all.
Just getting up and walking around the block or down the park can do WONDERS for both short term and long term weight loss.
Start slow and build yourself up.
Make it part of your daily routine.
Until it becomes a habit and you start enjoying exercise, don't try and overdo it! Those are three quick ways you can lose weight starting now.
Don't chase after the latest fad that is not going to last and will kill your metabolism.
Trust me, I have tried them and they were never worth it! Now that you have the basics down it is time to start a specific weight loss program you can stick with.
Just having the ideas in your head is not enough.
You must start a plan and create goals so that you will follow through with it.
Don't worry! I have used a plan that does this for you while making weight loss easy and fun.
Don't keep asking how can I lose weight.
Start doing something about it!
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