Some Fascinating Books To Help You Develop Your Home-Based Business Success Mindset

Go onto any home business forum and there's always at least one person asking about books they can read which can help them to improve their money mindset.
It seems that in the home business industry we are voracious readers of self-development books.
This should come as no surprise as it's very difficult to achieve anything without the right mindset and home business is all about results, after all.
There is so much material out there that people can read, all of which are great in their own way but the question remains, 'Where do I start?' I suppose the best way to approach this problem is from a practical perspective.
In other words; what is the result you want? Now seeing as we're in this home business thing to make money, it would make sense to start with books that focus on this particular issue, so that's what I'm going to do.
The following books I have selected should help you to change your sub-conscious programming for the better.
1) Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill This book, which is often referred to as the money mindset bible, is a seminal text for anyone who is interested in becoming a millionaire, so I would be really surprised if you have never heard of it.
It was originally written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill after a particularly inspiring conversation he had with Andrew Carnegie.
The title might suggest that this book deals specifically with how to become rich, the lessons in the book can also be looked at more holistically and therefore can be applied to other areas of life as well.
I recommend this book as a starting point because many other books are based on the principles outlined in this book.
Another advantage of it is that it is available on the public domain, which means it is free.
But if you would like to spend the money on a ritzier version, there have been updates made over the years, the most recent of which was this year.
2) Attract Money Now - by Dr.
Joe Vitale
Many of you would know Joe from 'the Secret' as he is one of the world's authorities on the Law of Attraction, in particular on how to attract money.
Now just because he is a proponent of using the laws of the universe to attract wealth does not mean his advice is airy fairy.
Not many people know this but one of Joe's earliest achievements was as an internet marketer and he was doing it way back in the late nineties, when most of today's gurus were probably still in high school.
Although the book doesn't really go into detail about how to achieve riches over the internet (you would have to grab a copy of his ClickBank secrets course for that), Joe manages to give sound advice about starting online businesses that is realistic and practical.
He also talks a lot about mindset, of course and everything is laid out in a seven-step process.
I like this book because it is very readable and Joe's voice, as always, manages to shine through in the text.
Anyway, after you read about his car collection, which includes Rolls Royces and Jaguars, you'll probably, like me, come to the conclusion that he must be doing something right.
3) Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki This is another classic in which, despite it's title, ends up being more mindset-related than anything else.
In the book, the author relates a story about two childhood fathers, his own biological father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad).
Both of whom, as you can well guess, had very different mindsets about money.
While poor dad believed that education was the ticket to financial success (get an education, join a big corporation and work hard), he struggled financially throughout his life.
Rich dad, on the other hand, believed that the rich don't work for money, that in fact they 'invent' money and they do this through learning as much as they can about property investment, taxes and managing their own business.
It's a great read about two very different classes in society and even though online business is never mentioned, the same principles outlined in the book could apply.
4) The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker In this groundbreaking book, author, Harv Eker, says, "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!".
This based on the belief that everybody has a "money and success blueprint" imprinted into our subconscious minds and it is this more than social status, education or hard work that will determine our financial future.
This blueprint is mostly based on beliefs about money that we learned during our childhoods, but the good news is that this blueprint can be changed and Eker, by guiding you through seventeen 'wealth files' which contain the characteristics thoughts of rich people, guides you towards changing it.
5) The 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss "The 4-Hour Workweek is a new way of solving a very old problem: just how can we work to live and prevent our lives from being all about work? A world of infinite options awaits those who would read this book and be inspired by it!" This is just one review of the book, which has also been called a 'manifesto for the mobile lifestyle'.
In this book, Ferris describes how to build an online business around doing something you love.
He has been criticised for being a bit of a self-promoter, but despite this, his methods are pretty solid.
6) A Bug-Free Mind by Andy Shaw This is a recent addition to the self-development library and a very good one at that.
The book, which has also been called 'The World's First Anti-Virus Software for the Mind', works on the premise that your mind operates very much like an operating system and over time it gathers bugs and need to be re-started in much the same way that your computer does.
The author claims that while most other methods seem like they offer solutions, what they really offer is more 'software' and that this doesn't really address the problem of bad 'hardware', which is at the root of the problem.
While not specifically a money mindset book, it was written by some one who has achieved considerable financial success in his life, most of which he attributes to the pratices he outlines in this book, so it's worth checking out.
So these should get you on the right path.
There are plenty more books out there for you to read if you are interested so don't limit yourself.
Even rich dad would agree, there is value in educating yourself.
Have a prosperous day.
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