Personal Hygiene And Your Health

The things you enjoy the most in life shouldn't be cut short just because you have bad hygiene. Some diseases caused by poor hygiene are hepatitis, cholera, Athlete's Foot. Also, don't become and easy target to become judged because of poor hygiene.


Your face is very important in identification. If you are pretty you would be indentified as pretty. If you had a mole on your face, you would be recognized as the person with a mole on their face. Starting as young age, you should be washing your face. Use a face wash custom for you skin type( e.g. A face wash for oily skin or acne prone skin). Do not touch your face during the day to avoid the spread of bacteria or dirt to you face that may cause irritation, break outs, or even allergic reactions. Also, if you have acne, use a product with salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide.


Your body is the main source of a foul odor. The inacapabillity to wash your self properly causes this. When taking a shower, you should have two soap; on with no or little scent that isn't to strong( like Ivory brand soap) for your crotch area and othe sensitive areas and another that is fragranced to your satisfaction or a deodorant soap( like Irish Spring or Dove) used for every else. Use a washcloth or loofah to exfoliate dead skin cells and to make your skin softer. Make sure to pay attention to your underarms and feet as they are usually in a moist and warm enviroment causing bad smelling bacteria(odor). Make sure that you dry your self properly aslo with a towel because any moisture can result in a comfortable home for bacteria and odor to form. Using a moisturizer like lotion can make you skin softer and more moisturized and you can also use a body spray or perfume of your choice if you want to smell even better. Remember, though, that many people don't like strong scents or are allergic to them so try not to spray too much perfume or body spray on.
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