To BE or Not to BE - Discovering Life Coaching

This lifetime on the planet Earth is an infinitesimally small window of our experience.
While we are here we all want to feel better, do better and love more.
Sometimes we fly high because life is going our own way and sometimes we are in the pit, licking our wounds.
Even when we win though, we may in fact learn very little, but after moments of apparent failure we reflect, gain wisdom and ultimately connect to the very core of our nature.
Times that are not great for our egos are healthy for our souls.
In those transformational periods (often accompanied by relationship breakdown, professional dissatisfaction, traumatic experiences or health issues) people scout for a Life Coach with the skills of a therapist, motivator and mentor, who holds a profound understanding of the laws governing the universe.
A Life Coach helps us to realise why things are the way they are, change our perception and/or behaviour and catapult us to the place where we really want to be.
Normally Life Coaches don't choose their profession out of the blue.
Life prepares them for that responsible mission: rough rides, losses, professional ups and downs, times of emotional uncertainty and despair.
One of my friends expresses it this way: "God loves you that´s why he sends you all those incredible challenges.
" I nod smiling, "So I can grow".
Coaches are a breed of people who are forged stronger, more centred, more positive than most, with a passion to serve people and share the awareness they have gained through experience.
Life Coaches simply LOVE helping people to change their lives for better.
Life Coaches really enjoy life, appreciate beauty and see light in all beings.
Why do we need a Life Coach?
  • We have all had traumas in our lives.
    Coaches with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), LifeTime Therapy and Hypnotherapy backgrounds exist to help us to improve feelings about what has happened to us in the past, so we don't hold on to negative beliefs, fears, self-sabotage, e.
    g issues with weight and appearance, to protect ourselves.
    Once we learn the lesson, we break the vicious circle attracting similar circumstances in the future.
  • Even if everything seems OK on the surface, but meaning and satisfaction is still missing, a Life Coach will connect us to enthusiasm (from Greek: presence of god) so we live purposefully, feel great and do great.
    OK is not good enough any longer.
    We all can be inspired, we can live spiritually, adding value, being sincere, having amazing relationships, being happy and successful.
  • If we have a dream, a Life Coach will guide us to create feelings that will lead to actions toward making that dream come true, instead of just taking it to bed with us.
    Coaches believe in our potential and our ability to live our life the way we envision it-with purpose.
    Building our legacy requires bags of energy.
    Working with a Life Coach helps us gain clarity, confidence, inspiration and support for our journey.
    Remember, we attract what we are and more often than not, we give out negative energy without even knowing it.
  • Just as sportsmen and women have coaches to sharpen their skill, improve performance, develop mental toughness, keep moral high and bring out the ability to succeed, Life Coaching is an extremely powerful way to help us to achieve the desired results in life.
    It aligns our vision, purpose, intention and action.
  • The current economic climate requires us to tap into our natural resources like never before, and to be the best we can be.
Is Coaching for You? Deep down in your heart you know you're worth it.
By Irina Valentino
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