Strategic Tips From Strategic Thinking Business Coach To Manage A Multi-Generational Workforce

One of the most impactful current dynamics in today's workplace is the presence of four (4) generations of workers at the same time, which has increased the level of challenges to manage, retain and recruit a skilled work force.
These four generations of American workers are: The Veterans - people born prior to World War II The Baby Boomers - people born between 1946 and 1964 The Generation Xers - people born between 1965 and 1980?The Generation Ys or Boomerangs - children of Baby Boomers, born after 1980 Each of these groups has its own distinct characteristics, values, and work ethics, based on its generation's life experiences.
This presents a huge challenge to business today to successfully integrate these diverse generations to effectively work together.
This requires very skilled change management that must look at significant changes in the management, retention and recruitment for a multigenerational work force.
??A brief look at these generations reveals the following basic characteristics: The Veterans:they are very loyal, highly dedicated and the most risk averse.
They possess a strong commitment to teamwork and collaboration and have a high regard for developing interpersonal communications skills.
They are the most affluent elderly population in the history of the United States.
Baby Boomers:they are the first generation to actively declare that work has a higher priority than personal life.
They generally distrust authority and large systems.
A recent AARP survey of 2,001 people born in this era revealed that 63% plan to work at least part-time in retirement, while 5% said that they never plan to retire, some because they like working, others because they need the money to replace lost retirement savings.
Generation Xers:they are often considered the "slacker" generation.
They place a lower priority on work, naturally question authority figures and are responsible for creating the work/life balance concept.
However, they are willing to develop their skill sets and take on challenges to meet the changes from changing economic conditions.
The Generation Ys or Boomerangs:they are the first global-centric generation.
They are among the most adaptive in navigating change while increasing their appreciation for diversity and inclusion.
They are also the most educated generation of workers today.
So what can we do to address the challenges of this multigenerational phenomenon?Your strategic thinking business coach offers some strategic tips for managing a multigenerational work force.
Strategic Tip #1:Learn as much as you can about the distinct characteristics of each of the four generations of workers and how it has shaped their attitudes, habits, ethics, values, etc.
Strategic Tip #2:Commit to being a lifelong learner regarding the dynamics of multigenerational work forces.
Strategic Tip #3:Expand your communication strategies to respond to the differences and preferences of each generation.
Strategic Tip #4:Develop and implement a mentoring program to ensure that knowledge and skills are transferred before workers leave.
Strategic Tip #5:Commit to increasing your interpersonal skills to foster and enhance relationships with employees and with each other.
Strategic Tip #6:Be open-minded.
Strategic Tip #7:Commit to developing a flexible work environment that will value all your people and keep them productive regardless of their age.
Strategic Tip #8:Develop and conduct training sessions and general informational awareness sessions about the each generation and its history, characteristics, culture, language, values, etc.
Strategic Tip #9:Explore new approaches to compensation, benefits, incentives to address the uniqueness of each generation's perspectives, attitudes and values about work.
Strategic Tip #10:Seek outside advice.
Your strategic thinking business coach encourages you to become well prepared to manage the multigenerational workplace because it is the real world today.
If you would like to learn more about managing the multigenerational work force and how a strategic thinking business coach can facilitate and guide you in that endeavor, please contact Glenn Ebersole through his website at http://www.
or by email at jgecoach@aol.
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