Exercises for Love Handles - An Essential Part of a Weight Loss Program

The love handles remain one of the most hated parts of the body, especially for those who are fairly slim everywhere else.
Love handles is slang for fat deposits in the abdominal area, often found on the sides.
This area is often misunderstood and many diets, supplements and exercises have been developed to eliminate them.
They do not work as you cannot target just one area.
Fat burning must incorporate healthy lifestyle changes as well as diet and exercise.
The entire body must be fit.
Cardiovascular exercises need to be done to increase your metabolic rate so fat will be burned.
Strength training must also be done to get the entire body fit and trim.
Exercises for love handles will help in this process though and here are some to get the process started.
Twist Crunches - Lie on the floor on your back.
Put your hands behind your head for balance, but do not use them during the exercise.
Twist the body to your right, touching the right elbow to the left knee.
While doing so, extend the right leg out.
Repeat on the other side.
Do one to three sets of 15 repetitions.
Leg Flutters - Turn over to your stomach.
Lift your head so you can look out.
Now lift the feet and knees and pretend to swim, fluttering the legs back and forth.
Again, do one to three sets of 15 reps.
Side Bends - Stand with your feet one foot apart and raise the arms above the head.
Join hands or grasp an object to keep them apart at a distance equal to your feet.
Bend the upper body to the left a few inches while keeping the lower body in place.
Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
The love handles should stretch while you do this.
Do one to three sets of 20 reps.
Standing Trunk - Start in the same position as for side bends.
Twist the torso to the left while keeping the lower body planted.
While doing so, move your right arm across the body, as if throwing a punch.
Repeat for the other side.
Do 100 full reps.
Along with the exercises for love handles, you must also start eating healthy.
Your body will not slim down one particular area such as love handles so you must focus on your entire physique.
This is why diets, supplements and the like which guarantee to eliminate love handles do not work.
Eat more fat burning foods as they will help you get the body you want.
Remember that your body did not get out of shape overnight so it will take some time to see results.
It does take longer to lose fatty deposits that is does to lose other weight.
Also, as you age, skin loses its elasticity.
It takes longer to tighten and tone.
Overnight results should not be expected.
A healthy diet and exercises for love handles can give you the abdominal area you want.
Just try these exercises while eating right and you will see the results.
For more tips and advice, you may also want to visit the Flatten Belly Secrets website where you can sign up for a free newsletter which can help this process also.
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