About Certified Medical Coder

Have you ever been interested in taking up a medical coding career? If so, now is the time to step in as the job is in high demand and offers a solid income for those who enjoy working in an office setting. When you do so, in a short span of time, you can be on your way to a rewarding job as a certified medical coder.

Who is a certified medical coder?

A certified coder is trained in the process of medical billing. When you go to a doctor, a claim or invoice is computer-created and coded specific to the particular care and services you got in the office. When you get hold of the bill for that physician visit, that invoice or claim is filed and processed. A certified medical coder is also referred to as medical reimbursement professionals. She has a huge responsibility for the work that goes on behind the scenes in a medical office by basically keeping the cash flow on.

What are the duties of a certified medical coder?

A medical coder is responsible for preparing each patient invoice for billing and carefully computing and double-checking costs for each service before doing so. She has to do a great deal of sorting and filing of information that must be correctly entered into the office computer system. She's responsive for handling insurance claims, insurance fraud claims, confidential patient records, and both in and out of house collections for services provided.

What about job opportunities in medical coding?

After a coder gets a certification, she can find a range of employment opportunities. There are many private physician's offices that employ at least one certified medical coder. What's more, hospitals and other medical centers are also good bets when looking for information as a certified medical coding. Other institutions that employ medical coders are home healthcare agencies, private clinics and nursing homes. There are some coders who find work through private medical offices and work from home.

Tip: If you want to become a certified medical coder and want to sit for the qualifying exam, it's advisable that you attend a training camp that will aid you in getting there.
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