Fat Loss Sale! Everything Must Go!

There, that caught your eye and made you read on! Chances are that if you walked past your favourite store and you saw that sign in the window, you'd race in and see what bargains were to be had immediately.
How about having your own sale? A 'Fat Loss' Sale? That's right.
Write your own Sales Copy! How about this for a BOLD statement; "(Insert your Name)'s FAT LOSS SALE! EVERY EXCESS POUND MUST GO!" Set yourself ONE very important rule, that will become the strap line for your own ad; AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.
SET YOUR GOALS EARLY! Simple but effective...
Without specific goals to work towards, you'll get muddled, confused, bored, waylaid or disillusioned.
Know what you want to achieve from your programme of change and know WHY you want to hit that specific target.
I mean EXACTLY why, and be HONEST.
The average guy might want six pack abs.
Why? To be able to twist, turn and bend without any back issues? I doubt it.
More likely because they want to look hot, impress the girls and stand out above their peers.
These are the things that spur them on, NOT the health benefits.
For girls it could be a firmer bum or a shapelier pair of legs.
Come on! You want to look more desirable and feel more feminine.
Health is probably way down the list of priorities! While I expect you ALL to be thinking of your health when you exercise, I also want you to develop an uncontrollable desire for doing it too.
This desire is what will fire you up and spur you on to achieve more, without giving up.
Sales take a lot of organisation, but the rewards are great if demand is high.
Exercise effectively and eat healthily and your body's demand for fat as fuel will skyrocket.
Within months you could be SOLD OUT, and you could shut the door on your own Fat Loss shop forever! So, before you carry on further with your plan to drop body fat, know EXACTLY why you are doing it, and make that reason as exciting and alluring as possible.
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