True Love Is a Choice and Action

What does it take to be successful? I'm sure you heard the advice to study successful people in the field you chose to enter.
For instance if you want to go into business, study the lives of people such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Bill Gates.
If you want to be a classical musician, study and rehearse the classics of Mozart and Beethoven.
Whose life would you study if you wanted to learn about love? Believers don't have to look far for the answer.
You study the life of Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the perfect example of love.
Love for the Father was the motivating factor in everything Jesus did.
John writes that love comes from God.
God loves you so much He sacrificed His son so you can spend eternity with Him.
God's love always involves a choice and an action.
God chooses to love and the action He took to show that love is He sent Jesus to take on your sin.
Jesus loved in a sacrificial and selfless manner.
Believers are to love the same way.
John also writes, "God is love.
" Our society turned these words around to "Love is God" and sullied the meaning of love.
For some people, they believe love is a feeling.
The problem with feelings is they change.
How many times have you heard people say, "We grew apart?" Society has the view that love is what makes a person feel good.
With this thought, they believe it is permissible to sacrifice moral principles and other's rights in order to obtain such love.
That's not love.
That's selfishness.
Jesus gives two commands to live by; they are to love God and to love others.
In John 15:12, Jesus raises the bar when He says, "Love each other as I have loved you.
" Jesus laid down His life for mankind.
You may not have to sacrifice your life for someone, but you may have to sacrifice some time, energy, or money.
It's not important how many people you love in a lifetime but how you love the people God puts in front of you.
How do you love difficult people in your life? As a believer, you do not have to do it alone.
The writer of Romans 5:5 reminds you God put the power of the Holy Spirit in your heart.
The Holy Spirit will show you how to love difficult people.
Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
How did Jesus respond? He called him friend.
People have fears.
Those fears can be money, health, relationships, any number of things.
One of my favorite bible verses is One John 4:18 "...
perfect love casts out fear..
" When fear enters your consciousness, focus on God's vast love.
When you focus on God's love, you are allowing Him to love others through you.
God's all encompassing love eliminates fears.
The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan are two examples of how God wants you to love.
In The Prodigal son, the father chooses to forgive his son for his wayward life and takes action by welcoming him home with open arms.
The Good Samaritan chooses to stop and help a complete stranger and takes action by giving up his time and money to be of assistance.
This is how God wants you to love.
Everything Jesus did was a perfect reflection of a deep and abiding love for His father in heaven.
It's impossible for man to duplicate this love here on earth.
Yet you can follow Jesus' example and continue growing in your love for God.
Love isn't love until you give it away.
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