Your Life-Story - How to Be the Author of Your Own Happy Success Story

What You Think and Feel About Most Are the Things You Bring Most of Into Your Life.
No matter who you are, how old you are or where or how you have lived so far, I am sure your life-story is a fascinating tapestry of moments, events, challenges, people and places.
Or think of your life as a movie - all the happenings, people, settings, sounds, dialogues, actions and outcomes and the feelings attached to these.
Is there a pattern to any of these experiences? Pay attention to any recurring themes in events, responses/reactions, people involved, dialogue (what was said/heard) and emotions experienced.
Consider what kind of a story you have been creating for yourself.
If you could give your story a name what would it be? What story do you want? You can create your own Happy Story, Love Story, Success Story or Whatever You Want Story by changing the way you think, speak and feel about your self and your experiences, past, present and future.
Bear in mind that if you keep writing, thinking and talking about negative experiences that's what the story will predominantly be about.
The more attention you give to things the more you continue to attract them into your life.
Einstein's definition of insanity is a favourite of mine.
He said insanity was doing the same things over and over and hoping for a different result.
So if we want a different result we need to change what we are doing.
Therefore, if you consistently think, write, talk about and visualise positive experiences and outcomes that's the story you are creating for yourself for the future - at this very moment.
Creating your story Write about, talk to yourself about, think about, see your positive future...
as if it is happening now Pay attention to every detail.
Hear the dialogue, the music; feel those uplifting emotions right through your body.
Affirm, visualise, rehearse the story you want in your mind.
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