How to Be Happy - Learn How to Use a Computer

Knowing how to use a computer can simplify and add dimensions to your life.
You can run your household, do your shopping (even your grocery shopping) online.
You can find whatever information you need for whatever reason readily available online.
The World Wide Web does not shut down for the night, for holidays, for bad weather.
Online you can be anyone you want to be.
Shy people transform to social butterflies.
You do not even need to use your real name.
You can use screen names to interact with people.
And interacting with people all over the world who share your interests can be quite enjoyable.
I live in the United States.
I met my best friend online.
She lives in New Zealand.
I have friends all over the US and around the world.
If you know nothing about computers the thought of using one can be daunting.
The good news is you do not really have to know how to do much more than you did when you used a typewriter.
Do you remember typewriters? The even better news is once someone gets you a computer and sets it up for you and shows you how to get online (as simple as clicking a special key on today's machines) you can go to a site for newbies and learn all the basics about using the computer and going online.
Even experienced computer users will find answers to questions there.
The site offers a range of computer information for everyone, not just the beginner.
A computer opens the whole world to you.
You can play games, chat, talk in real time, view TV and movies.
Do live video chats, for free, with family and friends all over town or all over the world! Whatever you want to do--if you cannot actually do it online you can learn about it there.
The only word of caution I have is this-I am a MAC user and also a PC user.
And it is not able to do many many things or run very many programs I need to use for doing my business online.
So if anyone tries to talk you into buying a MAC because it can do whatever you need-that may not accurate.
Just my two cents based on my personal experience-of course.
Today many senior centers and libraries teach computer literacy.
Often they hold classes especially for senior citizens.
Check out your local paper and give your library and senior center a call.
For those of you who really do not care to use a computer, you can buy a machine that prints out your email.
Only problem-you cannot send replies, only receive emails.
Getting notes from family and friends could be quite nice, don't you think?
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