Is Your Faith Shaken?

The Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver's Stanley Park was originally built about 100 years ago by a pioneer with help from local Indians.
This current wood-and-rope bridge, built in 1956 stretches out 70 meters above the canyon floor and gives a breathtaking view over the splendid natural setting.
You can imagine that this bridge built with ropes, though very capable of holding a large amount of people, can be very shaky to travel across.
Any movement will cause it to shake and sway giving this false sense of danger; as if it is incapable of performing what it was designed for.
For those travelers, who are nervous about the bridge and with shaking knees and sweaty palms cling to the rope handrails while staring at the spaced boards beneath their feet, fearful that at any moment another traveler will increase the likelihood of malfunction, the breathtaking view over this splendid natural setting is no more than the dream they had, before they stepped onto the bridge.
Though the intent of the bridge was to amuse the traveler with the breathtaking view of the splendor below, this traveler missed out because of that false sense of danger.
Doesn't this often reflect our life as a Christian when we believe in Jesus, joyfully anticipating that wonderful plan that He has for our life, and yet while in the midst of it, we miss out because of all the events and circumstances in our life that keep us from fully enjoying Him? We will find that the busyness of life, habits that cannot be overcome, broken relationships, the shortage of funds, disappointments, etc.
, are just like those moments of fear on the bridge.
Unless we learn that the Father is capable of more than just getting us to the other side, (that glory land called heaven) we will miss out on the blessing of life, which Jesus promised and called 'the abundant life'.
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