The Indispensability of Medical Transcription in Today's Healthcare Sector

As far as the healthcare or the medical sector along with all its concomitants are concerned, winds of change are blowing in all the constituent segments. One segment or division that has metamorphosed radically is the department of medical records. All medical establishments-from a large community hospital to a small private clinic or nursing home- have to maintain or uphold medical records and reports of all its indoor and outdoor patients for referential and referral purposes.

There used to be a time not very long ago when a patient visited a doctor for his or her medical problems who made a note of the symptoms of the patient's alleged illness in his prescription. Or, he used to dictate the same to an assistant or secretary who used to type it out. As strides were made in medical sciences including the development of medical and diagnostic equipment, the entire process of preparing a patient's medical report became faster and more convenient.

The impact of information technology and Internet on medical transcription

The advent of the Internet almost did away with the need to make handwritten notes and maintain physical records. The number of patients visiting medical establishments for their diverse needs was increasing day by day, hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics were finding it onerous to retain the records in their original form.

Furthermore, as the responsibilities of healthcare professionals increased, they could not afford to devote much time to retrieving medical files when patients revisited them for a checkup or consultation. Finding additional space for storing the medical dossiers was another constraint. Internet technology helped mitigate these problems to a great extent.

Doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals now could record their dictations in digital voice files that were transcribed by medical transcriptionists and sent back in the form of electronic text documents (electronic medical records). The sunrise sector of medical transcription services has indeed progressed considerably from its days of infancy.

The domain of medical transcription presently encompasses an extensive range of services

Nowadays medical transcription companies, self-established MTs, and all other service providers perform a broad and extensive variety of services that can be grouped under the realm of medical transcription. These include transcribing medical reports of various departments in a hospital like anesthesiology, addiction treatment, cardiovascular, endocrinology, and so on; medical billing and coding services; medico-legal transcription services; electronic data processing services, and so on.

The medical transcription services are either provided directly to a wide swathe of healthcare and medical institutions strictly in conformity to their requirements and specifications or to independent medical practitioners or off-hospital centers. More often, self-established medical practitioners and healthcare professionals conduct independent consultations and pre-operative examinations on behalf of insurance companies and agencies for settling disability or liability claims. MT service providers are engaged for transcribing and transforming such reports and surveys into easy-to-read and understand textual format.            

Divine Mercy Transcription based in Canada has been selflessly engaged in deploying the full range of medical transcription services since 2003. This firm is a natural choice for an extensive range of medical and non-medical entities because it has been providing and still delivers high quality medical transcription services at the best rates and with fast turnarounds that are:-
  • HIPAA standards compliant
  • Accurate
  • Delivered within clients' time bound requirements
  • Secured through 128-bit SSL encryptions
  • Compatible with any computer arrangement and does away with the need of any additional software applications.
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