Treadmill Workouts - The Best Exercises For Burning Excess Fat and Calories

Walking is considered as one of the most successful methods to lose weight and keep healthy. It is good for the heart and lungs. But walking outdoors is generally ignored by people due to various problems like pollution, inclement weather, raining or snowing.  So treadmill workouts can be the best way of exercising when the outdoor weather gets horrible, particularly in the winter season.

 Treadmill? What is it?  A treadmill is a tremendous workout machine on which you can walk or run. It is recognized as one of the best fat burning workouts. This sophisticated fitness equipment is specially designed for walking exercise. You don’t need any special talent to operate this machine. It is useful for people who don’t have physical activities in day to day life. You don’t need to go to any fitness center and pay money for using the expensive fitness equipments. Using a treadmill is the most effective way to enhance your fitness.

 You can use the treadmill without stepping out of your home and in any location. It is important that you keep the room ventilated with free air to avoid sweating. You simply plug in your treadmill, set the pace to the lowest and walk gently. It is easy to use the treadmill in a safe and comfortable manner.

 Professionals have formulated many techniques of exercises to make a treadmill workout more interesting. Interval method is one of the best ways to burn maximum fat. Slowly start walking on your treadmill and increase to a comfortable speed and incline position. Initially start at a low level of 1.5mph for 5 minutes on a flat surface. This level is known as warm up interval. Next increase the speed up to 2.5 mph on a 2% incline for 5 minutes. Then up to 3.5 mph on a 5% incline for 5 minutes. This level is the main interval. After achieving this level, workout from main interval to warm up interval before stop. This is warm down interval. In this way, you will achieve the best possible effect and have optimistic results on your weight loss.

 For instance, if you are working on a treadmill for 1 hour, then half of the time i.e. 30 minutes should be spent for incline. Start with 2% incline and gradually increase it upwards to 8%. You can increase the incline day by day to see good results.

 Slow exercise on treadmill for 45 minutes to 60 minutes can burn about 200 calories. Exercising on a treadmill to a moderate level can burn about 700 calories. Exercising on a treadmill for 25 minutes continuously may burn 400 to 500 calories approximately. Hence, walking on a treadmill consistently will help you lose excess weight.

 The most important thing is you don’t have to put much effort while you are walking on a treadmill. There is no pollution, strong wind, rain or snow indoors. So, since a treadmill workout is much easier than exercising outside, you should workout on a treadmill at a higher speed and incline as you do outdoors.

              Treadmill workouts are the best way to improve cardiovascular fitness and to stimulate the release of extra endorphins and burn excess fat and calories. Treadmill workout work the muscle of thighs, hips, calves muscles, buttocks, abdomen and chest. It keeps blood circulation normal. It gives sound sleep and relief from stress.

              People suffering from diseases like osteoporosis, hypertension and chronic back pain can try out treadmill workouts and get the results they desire.  Using treadmill, depression can be lessened, smooth functioning of lungs can be maintained, muscle sprains can be avoided and tension can be decreased. Also you can keep away from cold and breathing problems.

              In addition to the health benefits and weight loss obtained from treadmill workouts, you can shape your whole body and increase your energy level. Proper exercise on a treadmill can increase your body’s metabolism to burn fat and calories. Brisk walking on a treadmill is really a good exercise, which helps you to lose extra fat, keep your blood sugar level under control and build up stamina.

Workouts on a treadmill on daily basis may be boring. Staying in a room for a long time during a treadmill workout is much less interesting than walking outdoors in an excellent environment.

 To avoid boredom while running on a treadmill, you may listen to some good music, watch a movie, have a look at the mirror or do something that makes your workout interesting. This will keep you motivated to continue running on it. When I am watching a football game on television, during treadmill workouts, you would not trust me those 45 minutes workout goes very fast.  What I am trying to emphasize is that though my mind is focused on some other thing, I still burn the calories and lose weight.

 People who use the treadmill without any advice from the experts generally do not get the maximum benefits from it. So working on treadmill everyday burns the excess fat and keeps you in good health.
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