Suffering, Truth and Love

In the world of "love" I survived the dissipated distractions of my core twenty years, those years between 17 and 37 where some of us are held bondage to sensual pleasures.
And actually, for me, it was longer than that.
If it wasn't pleasure seeking, then it was relief of suffering that I aggressively pursued.
Not sure when true "love" made the scene but it took time to mature.
I can't even say that I "got it" immediately when it did appear.
Instructed first in my twenties on the difference between an erotic love (eros), associated with sexual passions, and agape love, associated with selflessness, Eros demanded I postpone if not forget all together any further research.
I offered no resistance.
Later, Agape would return.
As the years marched on in spite of all efforts to slow the cadence, "suffering" came into sight.
Managing that suffering through artificial reliefs was the knee jerk reaction.
A headache warranted an aspirin.
Back pain justified Oxycodone and maybe an accompanying cocktail.
Cymbalta for Depression and Xanax for anxiety.
If you have a dark cloud, BIG PHARMA has a colorful ray.
The root problem, the rejection of proper suffering, became covered up in a battlefield of band aids.
The problem with bandaids is they always come off.
If the healing was insufficient, a new band aid is applied.
Soon, suffering shows up again.
"Go away" is translated into "I need a pill.
" The story's protagonist, You or I, is faced with his first decision of will: "Do I start today to take control of my life?" This is when the greatest pain is, the time when instant relief is sacrificed for long term solution.
Do I decide to live a new life, a new lifestyle that may be foreign to me, to my family to my friends, to my colleagues or co-workers? Or do I carry on under this guise of normalcy while I wither inside held hostage to the little blue pill? If we make the decision like it was January 1st, we may have a chance.
Many times it's the pill.
But if we are strong, each day, each new decision will come with it's corresponding gravity but the first decision of the will carries the greatest pain.
When the traveler accepts the objective reality that the pill is just a bandaid and subsequently makes the decision to accept the accompanying suffering often seen walking with Truth, he gradually becomes master of his plight.
Self respect begins to grow and if its growth is truly humble, he patiently bears the suffering of others next, having now appreciated the confusion and pain himself of that first decision.
How does this apply to the health coach? Isn't it obvious? The overarching answer to our health problems is spiritual in nature.
Yes, people want to lose weight.
Must lose weight.
They must get their type II diabetes under control, their blood pressure within normal limits, their heart's drums beating with a lively cadence.
But, more fundamental than that, people must discover love again, an unselfish love and then apply that love to themselves and to others without disproportionate attention to self.
Can we forget ourselves long enough to remember others? There will be smiles, laughter, hugs and many uplifting times.
In fact, these consolations often take life's front stage.
These precious moments, resulting from bearing suffering gracefully, also have the feeling of reality.
"We had some real good gut wrenching laughs!" Who can argue with this treatise? Unwittingly or not, modern medicine often does (argue).
(To be addressed in future articles and on future blogs).
I survived the illusion of eros to come to accept the agape love, a true love that demands sacrifice in order to be satisfied.
The rewards of truth mostly do.
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