Your 2 Wings To Fly

Just like a bird, you need 2 wings to fly.
The people who complain that they don't have enough money in their life is like a bird with a broken wing but not seeking any treatment to heal it.
One wing is the wing of action and another one is the wing of mindset.
The thing is this- both of these wings can be fixed if the desire to 'fly' is strong enough.
One person who has the right mindset but not taking any action complains he's poor but in reality, he doesn't do much to be wealthy.
Yeah, you could know how to be rich or do some new age manifestation but nothing's going to come up if you don't do anything, PHYSICALLY.
The other person keeps on doing things to make money and yet he is poor.
Well, it's because he still hasn't figured out that it's the mindset that 'attracts' the money.
Besides, you also need to have knowledge to become rich, not just slave away like a dog.
That's mindset.
The difference between a bird and a person is a bird is born to fly.
If it falls down, it'll do it's best to fly again.
There's no second option - the wing must be healed to fly again.
Well, a person is slightly different.
He can still live even if he is not rich.
Maybe because of that, he doesn't have that same determination as a bird to fly.
But then again, you must remember that a Person is "born" to be rich too because he's born with the equal benefits with everyone else - two hands, two legs, a brain, two eyes and so on.
It's just because he can think of options, he decided to change his life.
How much do you want to "fly"? A bit? You're not gonna do anything to fix your wing any time soon.
The problem is not the economy; your boss, where you live and whatever crappy reasons available out there.
The problem is your WING.
Figure out which wing is broken so you can get it fixed as soon as possible.
The tricky part is, most people ignore the fact that the mindset to be wealthy can be compromised.
Your brain uses 20% of energy from your entire body.
Did you know that? That's 1/5 of EVERYTHING you got there.
The first step is to locate the 'blind spot'.
It's called the 'blind spot' because you can't see it but it's there - everyone else sees it.
Get yourself educated about success and money first before you attempt to be rich.
The blind spot is like 'internal bleeding'.
You see, a lot of people are 'bleeding' today, but they don't know it.
It's called, "emotional bleeding".
Once you fixed your 'blind spot' problem, you'll fix your mindset.
The mindset game is very important because it allows you to have the skill to 'see' opportunities that can make money for you.
Opportunities are everywhere.
Seriously, even as you read this right now.
You might say, "Come on...
how can this be true?" Then you haven't fixed your mindset wing yet.
Even if there's none, the person with the right mindset will say yes and create that opportunity.
That's what makes the Rich different from the Poor - the Poor will give up and come up with an excuse to avoid work while the Rich will deny the lack of opportunity in his situation and create his own path.
To see opportunity, it starts by seeing positive things in the circumstances you are in.
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