Amazing Affluence and Abundance

We have looked at the Law of Pure Potentiality as a part of including Positive Mental Attitude in our life and our business.
Pure Potentiality tells us that when we can remove the trappings of the external referral, that is ego, control, and judgment, and instead concentrate on only the internal referral, we are able to accomplish everything with great ease and success.
With infinite internal power of self we do not have anything to hold us back.
This is done through stilling and quieting our minds and hearts.
Going out in nature and meditating are the ways in which this state of stillness is obtained.
Next we will talk about affluence and abundance and how to attract it.
The Law of Giving as it Relates to Affluence and Abundance The next item of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success according to Deepak Chopra is the Law of Giving.
In order to attract affluence and abundance into our business and our lives we must first realize this concept of the circulating nature of the universe.
This flow is the "harmonious interaction of all elements and forces that structure the field of existence.
" In other words everything exists in a state of equality, always following a giving and receiving of energy and intention from one entity to another.
If you desire affluence and abundance you are involved in this circulation of energy.
Did you know that the root word for affluence is "affluere" meaning "to flow"? Affluence, therefore, means to flow with abundance and by giving out to the universe abundantly you will also receive the same.
In this way, you set into motion the ebb and flow of all you desire.
In attraction marketing terms when you lead with something of value to your prospects, you then receive what is valuable to you.
Currency, Affluence and Abundance Even money, which we call currency, is related to this cyclic occurrence in the universe.
The word currency comes from the Latin root "currere" which means to run or flow.
Take, for instance, if someone decides they are going to keep all their money in a mattress and spend as little as possible, it stops the flow of cash, affluence and abundance, and ultimately they will find that money will not come to them very easily.
Affluence and Abundance Plus Attraction Marketing You may see now that giving and receiving are really the same thing, one cannot exist without the other.
So, what and how are we going to give? Actually what you give is not as important as the intention behind it.
The true intention should be to create happiness for both the giver and receiver.
If is done unconditional and comes from the heart the gift can be great or small.
When given with joy the energy of return of affluence and abundance increases greatly.
To start manifesting the Law of Giving make a decision to give everyone that you come in contact with a gift a compliment, a smile, a silent prayer, a single flower, or a meal.
As an attraction marketer, you can give the gift of free training that will help your prospect with their current marketing strategy.
Gifts of appreciation and caring are always received warmly when given from the heart.
Since nature supports our every need and desire there is no reason why we should not live in affluence and abundance.
Seek what you want not for yourself but for others and everything you desire will come pouring back to you.
If you desire more affluence and abundance in your life visit our blogsite for more great information for making your business a success.
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