Medicinal Herbs For Skin – Have We Lost Trust In Age Old Wisdom?

In today’s modern world where everything is <b>instant</b> we always look for quick fixes and instant results. For instance – if we need coffee we immediately head for the coffee vending machine and that is it. Skin care is a sensitive regime; you should not expect overnight results and that too with chemical products. Let us not forget the age old wisdom where our ancestors used medicinal herbs for skin care.

The more we head towards modernism; more we discover ancient hidden secrets. Our ancestors never had botox injections; they never got the chemotherapy done. They were rather reliant on the natural and medicinal herbs for skin care. One example is the use of Crushed Almond paste with clay - it is an excellent facial scrub. Clay soothes the skin and almond gently scrubs away the dead skin of your face.
These herbs are all around us, all we need to do is identify and start taking their advantage.

There are lots of skin care companies that use natural ingredients and medicinal herbs in their range of products. We need to take a good look at the list of ingredients and select the best suited for our skin type.

Next time you go out shopping for a skin care product, here is a short list of ingredients that you can keep in mind.

Avocado Oil
Avocado tree is originally from Central and South America. Cosmetic companies have recognized avocado extract for its effects on the skin and hair. When used on the skin it results in softer, suppler skin. It moisturizes and can create an incandescent radiance from the skin.

Manuka Honey
A honey collected from manuka bush in New Zealand. This honey is an excellent facial cleanser.

Jojoba oil
This rich oil deeply moisturize the skin and provides required nutrients to the skin.

All these are natural ingredients; make sure they are used in ample amount of quantities to deliver the right results for your skin. Many companies just introduce minimal amount so as to qualify their claim of being natural. You need to careful here; visit the website, do some initial research on the ingredients and the claims that companies make. Once satisfied then only go ahead and but the product.

In nutshell – medicinal herbs for skin care have been used since time immemorial by our ancestors, we need to take a step back and look back into history and harness the magical powers of medicinal herbs for skin care.
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