Change Your Experience With Love And Healing

We all have situations in our life that bring us some level of stress, of bad news, perhaps an abrupt life-change of some kind, or even a health challenge like my first cancer diagnosis in 2007.

But it is how we handle those situations, those moments, that matter in the end. It is how we choose to react that impacts our journey. Our experience.

We can choose to be angry and fight, or we can choose to feel love and heal.

If you would just take a moment and feel that for a second.

In fact, I'd like for you to close your eyes, say the following words out loud, and really listen to these words and really feel what comes up for you:
Anger and Fighting.
For me this feels Dark. Edgy. Constrictive.

And now, say and listen to these words:
Love and Healing.
I immediately feel how light that feels in contrast... how expansive that feels.

A whole different feeling around each set of these words, wouldn't you agree?

And how we bring these words - and therefore these thoughts and feelings - into our bodies, our hearts... by what we think, what we feel, what we say, and what we eat.

Affects your experience.
Affects your health.
Affects your healing.
And ultimately affects your journey. Your life journey.

Bringing in love and healing goes for anyone, at any time, in any situation.

It helps brings grace to our life. To our outcome. It makes things happen in MORE effective and even in a MORE significant way.

And, as a cancer sur-THRIVER (a 3x breast cancer survivor), I can offer to those of you with a health challenge, to consider this: Give up the need to fight. While it is very prevalent with cancer and other challenging diagnosis to hear these words, fighting is very counter intuitive to what the body needs on a day to day basis. It is a extreme surge of energy used that can be saved for healing purposes.

I invite you to let that go.

Give up the need to fight (and be angry), and replace that with the need to heal (and to love).

Very powerful. Indeed.

How are you going to replace anger and fighting in your life's journey? What stressful challenges are you facing right now that will immediately be altered just by changing your mind on how you will respond?
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