How to Like What you See in the Mirror

From childhood we are sold on an ideal image of beauty, one few of us ever see reflected when we look in the mirror.

How can you look in the mirror and despite the ideal, see only a confident you?

When you look in the mirror, what's the first thing you notice, and how does it make you feel?

If you're like most people, the first thing that catches your eye is probably your least favorite asset. If so, don't worry you're not alone. Here's why.

Can you guess how much money is spent in just one year by advertisers to sell us on the concept of the "ideal" image of beauty?

Well, I can't either but I do know this, it's a lot of money, certainly somewhere in the billions of dollars!

From your earliest childhood days, whether you played with Action Man or Barbie you've been receiving constant images telling you what you are supposed to look like.

Most of these images are impossible, of course, yet these are beliefs that we grew up with and they are ingrained in our subconscious mind. In effect, we were brainwashed.

It's so important to our credibility in business to present ourselves with confidence. If we are confident in our appearance as we spend our time marketing and networking, then we will appear more credible and this in turn helps to boost our business opportunities.

So, here's how you can build your body confidence:

1. Look in the mirror

2. This time, really look at yourself and reflect on the compliments you have received. Do people tell you how great your hair is? That you have a nice smile? Try to see what they see.

3. Stand far enough away from the mirror so that you can take it all in. What do you see? Find at least three positive things.

4. Now, get up close. Look at your eyes...what color are they? How would you describe them using positive adjectives?

5. Now, smile. What does your smile convey? Warmth? Happiness?

6. Find at least three characteristics you like best about yourself, and then accentuate them as you dress to go out.

Love your eyes? Make sure your hair doesn't cover them up

Love your lips? Make sure to keep them moisturized

Your hair? Get a flattering cut

In short, flaunt what you like.

Accept the parts you don't like and stop worrying about them.

Here are some ways to do just that:

Go shopping and bring a good friend. Ask them to help you pick out colors and clothes they think flatter you. Don't worry if your first reaction is "that's not me!" Experiment!

Feel better about whatever it is you don't like about yourself by picturing the absolute worst-case scenario. Exaggerate whatever it is you're hung up on and blow it up in your mind until it's comical. Then look in the mirror, not so bad anymore is it?

Accept yourself for who you are, how you look, and focus on what really matters, the things about you that can't be seen in your heart, mind and soul!

What do you want people to praise you for? Is it really how you look? Probably not. You probably want people to think you're funny, smart, nice, or generous, something along those lines right?

Make a list of your positive personal qualities and characteristics. Then ask yourself, what's more important? Get involved in activities that build on your personal characteristics, volunteer, join a club, take a class to sharpen a talent. These will help you emphasize and focus more on the more important qualities that get you through life successfully and with more fun.

You will gain confidence with each new experience you get involved in and as a result you will become a more interesting person. As this begins to happen you will naturally find more business opportunities coming your way.

Live life, love fully and laugh often!
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