Use Your Momentum To Win

For those of us who aspire to do more in life than the norm, rejection of all levels looms over our heads daily.
Whether you're in sales, in school or looking for employment we all face similar obstacles when attempting to achieve anything worthwhile.
When things are down, unforeseen obstacles come up, you're forced to put your plans on hold or some circumstance that impedes your progress in any situation it is critical to remain optimistic about your dreams and willingness to achieve them.
This is yet another reason why it is best to write out your goals in your journal or notebook so you will be able to see and identify the progress you have already made in achieving your dream.
Seeing this progress will help spur you on and remind you of why you took the challenge in the first place.
The young man in his mid twenties, coasting through life with no real vision loses his job.
He is married with one child so the motivation is there to go out and obtain means to provide for his family.
He follows what he was taught in preparation to sell himself to however many potential employers it takes before he is accepted by one.
He has gained success using every form of selling himself that he can muster.
Yet once he has obtained security, he goes right back into auto pilot...
After being forced to step out of his comfort zone and use the resources he has within himself, he is unable to recognise the significance of what was accomplished and utilise that passion and desire to take his family to the next level.
Or he simply doesn't have the tools to follow through with competence.
Rather than taking ownership of his life, he would instead, continue to let someone else determine his financial future and quality of life for his family.
This young man totally missed a major opportunity to use the passion, self empowerment and the basic momentum he gained to continue with the positive forward movement he began.
This is a common issue just about everyone will face at some point.
Perhaps not exactly as this example but we all have allowed momentum to slip away from us.
When this happens we cheat ourselves out of the trophy we've earned for satisfaction on a job well done.
Conclusion: Ride that wave of euphoria you feel when things go your way.
It is that positive attitude you feel within you that must be called back up when needed.
It has been said you may not remember what someone said to you but you will remember how they made you feel.
In that same vein you want to remember what it feels like to win and then use it to your advantage like a tool from your arsenal.
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