Giving Hypnosis a Chance to Work

I would love to believe that it's possible to get rid of a sickness or disease through hypnosis.
I would love to believe that if someone's heart was broken by a mean-spirited ogre, she will find the strength to pick herself up and get on with life through hypnosis.
I would also love to believe that I can stop smoking via hypnosis, lose weight or gain weight (depending on which side of the scale you're standing on) through this method of healing.
But in all honesty, I find myself asking..
isn't this taking hypnosis a little too far? So, I have to find out more about what hypnosis is all about because my understanding about this phenomenal system or therapy is rather shallow.
I've dragged out my knowledge about meditation and yoga as well to assist in my quest in finding more information about hypnosis.
Apparently, hypnosis can help patients unlock the power of their own subconscious mind - the conscious mind, as it can be seen, acts as a mental block.
People can heal themselves if they want to, if they experience pain or sadness, they have the inner ability to heal themselves but they need access to the subconscious mind.
Hypnosis will distract the conscious mind so that the subconscious mind can come forth and heal.
It also brings the conscious and subconscious mind into alignment with each other creating inner peace.
But I fail to see the direct link between the subconscious mind with losing weight! Sure..
hypnosis can help when it comes to quitting the bottle, the drinks or craving for durian-flavor chewing gums but losing weight or physical ailments..
I'm not too sure how that works.
I think hypnotherapy is a good thing because there's consensus that the subconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool for just about anyone but as to how far one can go with hypnotherapy remains in question.
I don't think anyone should try hypnotherapy and expect magical changes.
It won't work either if the patient is a critic or skeptic.
A skeptic would be on the watch for foul-ups, hence, he or she would not be able to completely embrace the full benefits of unleashing the subconscious mind, would he/she? Skeptics should also keep away from such methods of healing because they're unable to 'accept' nor are they 'willing to push aside their conscious thoughts' in order for hypnotherapy to work.
The therapist is willing to teach but the patient is unwilling to open up - sounds like a no-win situation to me.
Hypnotherapy should also be used only when you have consulted with a medical practitioner and should be considered as the only treatment for serious problems.
So, to answer my own question as to whether taking hypnosis down the weight-loss road is 'too far out an idea to accept', I would have to say..
I don't know.
If you have experiences, reviews or stories, I would love to hear them.
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