Rainbow Connection - Coloring Your World For Well Being and Strength

It has been a difficult task to describe just what color is because it comes from a place that sometimes has no description in the English Language.
I am mesmerized, humbled, and so very passionate about color, color energy and the way it can work for us as a tool for better living in our daily lives.
I have no doubt that color is one of the tools to which God was referring when he said that all we ever need is already provided right here on earth! Scientifically, color is vibration.
It is the different wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum that are detected by the human eye and then interpreted by the brain as color ranging from red at the longest wavelengths of about 700 nanometer (nm) to violet at the shortest wavelengths of about 400 nm.
The frequencies in between are seen as orange, yellow, green, and blue.
Easy, right? Well, yes.
It is that easy! We, you and me, we are all made of color.
Our skin, our hair, our eyes are all made of color! And as vibration influences vibration it naturally follows that when we surround ourselves with color, the vibration of the color influences our own vibration.
It is no accident that phrases like "I'm feeling blue" or "I'm green with envy" have lasted in the English language.
We attach emotions, good or not so good, to color.
So why not use color to help us shift our emotions.
Why not use color to help us feel better if we are sad or feel more energetic when we are feeling tired.
We have to remember that each color has its own frequency of vibration.
Each of our emotions and each of our bodies have their own frequencies.
The idea is to raise our rate of vibration (our frequency) and to "lift our spirits" in order to shift ourselves into a better feeling space; a space where we can see more clearly and a space where we can handle the stresses of our day with more grace and less worry.
Color is so much a part of our lives that for the most part, we take it for granted.
We rarely, if ever, notice that it's there.
But it is.
Take a moment now and look at your surroundings.
Notice how many different colors you see.
Notice how you feel when you look at them.
You may notice if you like certain colors or color combinations or if you don't like them.
Notice these thoughts and allow them to pass, taking in all that you see.
Now, take a deep breath and continue reading.
Just as certain species of flower has its own color scheme, each person alive has his/her own, unique color scheme.
When one wears his or her true colors, or colors that are in harmony with his or her personal scheme, he or she will look and feel his or her best! It's like the difference between playing a beautiful song on the piano and playing the same song with the wrong notes and chords.
The discordant version is "cringe-worthy" while the beautiful version can lift spirits and even be inspiring! Your true colors connect vibrationally with your inner spirit, your pure potential.
It is here that we store our personal power, or in other words, our self esteem, confidence, well-being and strength.
Color is FREE!!!! Why wouldn't we take advantage of all that it has to offer.
It is, at the very least, something with which we can all experiment.
And this will be my challenge to all of you.
Just for today, just for this week and this month, notice the color in your world.
What colors are predominant? What colors are missing? What colors make you feel alive? What colors make you feel relaxed and peaceful? Notice.
Color your world!
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