Your Dreams Have The Power To Change Your Life

Today's dream work and research owes its very existence primarily to two early twentieth century physicians; Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.
These pioneers developed influential and controversial theories for their time which brought dreams out of the dark ages and into labs, schools and psychologists' offices.
Unfortunately, modern mainstream dreamworkers are still working from the same Victorian assumptions and paradigms as our predecessors.
Even now, well into the 21st century, we can't seem to get past the idea that dreams are purely a psychological phenomenon which provides us with a glimpse of our mental state, or an artefact of the chemical and electrical processes of the brain.
We're either determined to decode the symbolism of the latent dream content, or we're obsessed with how dreams are manufactured -what the physiological processes are.
Our theories rarely take into consideration the really important questions like what dreams are, why we dream, and what use they are to us? We have come up short in helping dreamers make use of their own dreams in a practical and beneficial way.
We've failed to demonstrate the power of our own dreams in our day to day lives.
Because of our failure to take dreams out of the lab and into our daily lives, they aren't given the appreciation and respect they deserve.
If we pay attention to our dreams at all, we dismiss them as either meaningless junk data or highly symbolized repressed fears and desires that require too much work to "decode.
" So what's the point in remembering some crazy dream that's just garbage being dumped? Why give up precious sleep time to recall and record some bizarre images we can't even understand? In other words, what's in it for us? Where's the payoff for the effort? What if our dreams could show us how to get everything, and I mean everything, we want in life? What if our dreams could alter our world, our reality? What if they could mend our broken hearts or heal our very souls? Would changing our lives be worth the effort? Would love, joy and abundance be a big enough payoff? Well, I've learned from over four decades of working with dreams that that's exactly what they do, and more.
Much more.
How beneficial would it be to us to know what shape our lives are taking, what direction we're moving in, what circumstances we're creating or attracting? How valuable would it be to be able to avoid sabotaging our own happiness, success and relationships? By paying attention to our dreams, learning to read them, and acting on their message we have the power to do just that.
I've always felt that there was something missing in all the dream theories I've studied and worked with over the years.
I've known since childhood that dreams are important, that they have great meaning, that we have them for a reason.
However, I couldn't quite figure out why they are important and why we experience them.
Then, in a sudden flash of insight I knew what they were and what they're for.
It was one of those ah ha moments when you finally get it.
You finally know without a doubt that you finally got it.
Thousands of dreams later, I've confirmed my theory over and over many times.
Our dreams are thoughts.
The very substance, the very energy that creates the reality we experience every day.
This may sound too simple, too obvious.
But it's not.
The evidence is piling up.
From physics and neuroscience, to metaphysics and psychology; study after study, experiment after experiment is demonstrating that what we think, what we believe, and how we feel, shapes and directs our life, our very reality.
Science has learned a great deal about the biology of how we think over the last decade or so.
But it still isn't sure where our thoughts come from in the first place.
We don't even know where our own thoughts come from.
By not knowing our own minds, our own thoughts, our life becomes a crap shoot.
We never know what we're going to get.
And from all the dreams I've worked with, (there have been thousands) most of the time what we get is stress, anxiety, illness and misfortune in every size, shape and colour.
In a nutshell, we get what we don't want without even realizing that we're the ones creating the circumstances we want to avoid.
Our dreams show us what's on our minds, how we tend to think.
They're a preview of what we're creating for ourselves.
They're an opportunity to make changes at the subconscious level before our unchecked and mostly negative thoughts become our reality.
As an example, I had six dreams in a row that had to do with things breaking or broken.
In one dream, jars of tomato soup were broken.
In another, sheets of ice broke.
In another a printer broke.
A few months after these dreams, my car broke down, my furnace broke down, and I fell down my basement stairs and broke my foot and two toes.
I was unaware that I was thinking about things breaking down or being broken.
Because I didn't make an effort to change my waking thoughts or dreams they were free to manifest in my reality.
What we dream is what we get! Tracking our inner thoughts, beliefs and attitudes gives us a tool to step outside ourselves and finally "see" what we doing with our lives.
Knowing what we're thinking is the first step.
The next step is changing the thoughts that are creating what we don't want to thoughts of what we do want.
Our dreams are feedback on our habitual thought patterns.
Monitor your dreams, change your thoughts and you can change your life.
And you can do it all while you sleep.
How easy is that?
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