Do You Have Family Fitness Time?

Sometimes it seems as if our bodies are working against us. Just around the time that many women begin to start families, our metabolism slows down. Experts say that the first big slowdown occurs between the ages of 30 and 35. A slower metabolism means that we burn fewer calories and require more exercise to maintain the same weight. With the hectic schedules of most families, getting in that extra workout time can be difficult. One way to combat the problem is to start a family fitness program that will help you keep fit, while teaching your children to develop a regular fitness routine. Family friendly physical activities abound and can provide a fun way for families to stay healthy and bond at the same time.

Recommended Family Exercise Programs
Working out as a family can be both fun and rewarding. Depending on your familys individual interests, there are many types of exercise from which to choose. While limiting yourself to a single activity can help you to excel at it, there is nothing wrong with mixing things up for a variety of exercise styles. To keep your family on a consistent schedule, you might want to set aside a certain time of the week, when everyone is available, for your fitness time. Some activities that work well for the whole family include:

Swimming. Without a doubt, swimming is one of the best whole body workouts available. The gentle resistance of the water increases the amount of calories you are able to burn while participating in swim functions. The most problematic aspect of swimming as a consistent exercise program is finding access to a pool, but many communities have pool time available as well as organizations such as the YMCA. A big benefit to swimming as a family exercise is that most kids do not have to be cajoled into swimming.

Cycling. Organizing regular family cycling trips is a great way to both enjoy the outdoors and get some much needed exercise. Depending on where you live, cycling can be a 3/4 year or year round sport. Whether you live in the suburbs, the country, or near an urban park, cycling as a family makes for a fun trip. Before embarking on a biking trip, make sure your family has all the safety equipment it needs, including helmets, knee pads and reflectors.

Cross Country Skiing/Inline Skating. If your family is already pretty fit, and looking for a new challenge, you might want to consider taking on cross country skiing, or inline skating. While these activities are a little more strenuous than some of the other choices, both sports provide a great workout and are fun for people of every age.
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