Leadership Moments

When I was fresh out of college, I went to work for a rental car company.
When you're new, you spend a lot of time picking people up, getting gas, and even changing tires.
I live in Phoenix, so the summers are brutal for those that work outside, so this job was tough in the first 6-8 months for new hires.
On a very hot day in August, I had the "opportunity" to help a customer change a tire on the side of the freeway.
Wearing a long sleeve white dress shirt and tie, I gladly jumped out and began to get the spare tire on the care.
While driving back to the office I decided that I was in the wrong line of work.
So I made the decision to leave at the end of the week (and pay period).
When I returned to the office, the manager immediately called me into his office.
I remember thinking that he picked the wrong person and wrong day.
I would just make today my last day.
So I sat down in his office, and he smiled and handed me a piece of paper and said, "I just wanted you to see what I am going to put in your HR file".
So I read the memo, and to my amazement it just a simple paragraph explaining just how much he appreciated my efforts, working long hours and always being pleasant and helpful to customers.
Not only did I not quit on that day, I remained with this company for 8 years, working my way up to an Area Manager in charge of 7 rental branches.
Leaders have the opportunity to change lives, careers, and personal situations.
In this example, the manager was aware of my frustration and probably sensed that I was at the breaking point.
By spending less than 5 minutes writing a few words on paper, he kept me motivated to stay.
Leaders who do not have the awareness to know just how each team member is doing will miss these simple opportunities.
They will experience much higher turnover, and poor performance that may drag on for months.
Is there a team member you have that could use a simple act of motivation and support to get them through a tough time?Make it a point to perform small, simple acts of support on a regular basis.
Be a leader that understands that "leadership" is a people business.
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